I'm In a Mini-Book Manic

LOL I truly feel like I can't let these mini-books get the better of me. I finished one CD mini-book yesterday that is totally my best to date and I'm almost finished with a canvas / heritage mini-book. Now I have mini-books hanging all over my studio. It is truly funny. I'll be adding photos/slide show as soon as I can get photos.

I've been having the time of my life. The Lord has been gracious to me in His grace and love towards me. He had encouraged me in my craft beyond my expectations. I have several cool things on the horizon. I'm ready for Etsy to open. Again, I waiting to get photos. We had a bad storm come through yesterday afternoon which is my prime time for going out and photographing my projects.

WHAT IS......????

What is a Neighbor, a PEA, or a Fiskateer? I'll take one question a post to let you know what each of these are.

Let's start with Fiskateers. I asked the Fiskateers on the message board how they would define being a Fiskateer. Here are their responses:

Pinky "One person in a group of many who have a special love of crafting and crafters and share their ideas and inspiration with others.”

Sudie "An ambassador for crafting and Fiskars."

Amy "It is a group of wonderful people who share there passion for crafting."

Michelle "I tell people that we are like Mousketeers...We are ambassadors of friendship, crafting and Fiskars products."

Beach Girl Donna "When Deborah and I were asked this the other night at a Fiskars event by many people I was saying...Enthusiastic cheerleader Ambassadors for Fiskars products!!!"

Krysti "Crafters from all places and of all ages, together as one = Fiskateers :)"

JoWayne "Fun, Intuitive, Smart, "K"razy, Amazing, Terrific, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Risk-taking, Scrappers=FISKATEERS!!!!!"

Marla "Group of talented ladies who are passionate about papercrafting!!!"

Joan "A friendly community of people who like to get together on line to share ideas and to chat."

Donna "Scrapbooking Friends having fun,doing what they love to do."

Luv2stamp "A wonderful group of friends from all over the world who love nothing better that to share and inspiring each other!"

Joan "I would also say a great place to make new friends, share ideas, tips and techniques. It is also a great place to be inspired. I also love that we all share a love of fiskars tools."

Tara "A Fiskateer is someone who shares the love of crafting with others......At CHA-Anaheim our chant was 'Fiska Me Fiska You Fiskateer is what WE do!'"

Fiskateers @ the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show

This is a Fiskateer. I'm very proud and humbled about being part of this great community. You can go to Fiksateer Site and start exploring who we are as Fiskateers. If you are interested, join us. We are a fun group full of Fiska-inpsiration, Fiska-love, Fiska-challenges, Fiska-friends, Fiska-Raks, and sometimes we get the inside track of what Fiska-product might be going out next!!!

Well, my day is being spent at home due to the price of gas. Wow! I listened to C-Span last night and I'm not impressed at all about everyone pointing fingers at whose fault it is, but not really discussing how to immediately work on the problem. "It's the Democrats fault...no it's the Republicans fault...no it is the Speaker of the House's fault....no it's this administrations fault..." Do you think we care at this point? FIX IT People! We are not stupid. We see that the price of crude oil is going down, but the price of gas for my car is going up. Our local news reported about the increase of people visiting the food centers around Columbia. People are having to make a choice between going to work and paying bills or EATING. Come on folks. Is this problem unsolvable? When the price of a gallon of gas goes above minimum wage, then what? AGH! Sermon of the Day! I don't rant often, but I see hurting people and it is not in the least bit funny.

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Gratitude List:

1. God's hand of mercy on our life as a family.

2. My darling Hannah and Amber

3. God's encouragement

4. Quiet, quiet, quiet

5. God's simple, straight-forward, undeserved, unearned love.


  1. Love the definitions of Fiskateer! And I love your blog header! You just look adorable!!! Let me know if you still need help with your siggie! :) Have a joyous day!


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