It's 10 pm, "Do you know where Your Scissors are?"

LOL Wow, I've had a technically challenging day. Okay, quickie on my day. I was to teach a Scrapbooking 101 class this morning at AC Moores. When I got there the crew wanted a Stamping 101 class. Okay, what do I have and how can I do this in 5 minutes or less. Believe it or not I was able to pull it off! The key to success here is having a "field trip!" We explored the stamping aisle at AC Moores and had conversation about "inks and embossing powders." It turned out G-R-E-A-T!

Once home to have my computer tell me that it needs to install a new Quick Time and a new Kodak program. My computer would not do either because of some type of "Windows Installer" error. I'm no techie but I was not about to pay someone to fix this one. It was a matter of thinking it through and figuring out "Windows....." It's their problem. After searching I downloaded the latest version of Windows installer. Believe or not I did not blow up the computer. I fixed it. Whoo Hoo. Everything is downloaded and installed. If it wasn't for the fact I've been on the computer trying to fix it since 2 this afternoon I would claim a complete victory! Enough ... I get silly after 10:00 pm and that why my scrappy friends love me so much at all night crops!

My News: I never tell these things, but since I really want to be part of this DT ... I'm sharing it with you. I'm working hard to get an audition with Chatterbox. They are choosing a new design team and Chatterbox has always, from the beginning, been my dream. I still remember picking up my first sheet of Chatterbox Paper. It did not feel like regular scrapbook paper, didn't smell like regular scrapbook paper, and some told my on Two Peas they really wanted to "eat it up." LOL Designing with Chatterbox paper is like putting paper in a box, shaking it up, and when you open the lid out comes something amazing. It really inspires you to reach a little higher than the creative moment before you.

One of my heroes from the beginning has always been Melody Ross. She was one of the first ones to shout loudly "it's about the story!" Melody's story of starting Chatterbox from her home, her main focus of never straying from the story, and her faith has always inspired me. You can read Melody's blog by clicking the link on the right to "Melody's Sofa." I had the great honor of meeting Melody at Winter CHA.

Here is my Chatter-Creation for today:

It is something simple for my son. He loved it! Although any advice from mom to a 15 year old is met with some funny looks!


"Lisa said...
I started scrapbooking 5 years ago when Archivers opened in our town. I had never heard of them, let along a LSS, so I thought I would go and check it out. The minute I stepped in the door, it was like I came home to the mother ship. Oh my goodness... so many good things to see!I would try to cram as many pictures on each layout as possible and I think I used decorative edged scissors on everything! I know my style and taste has evolve, but I wouldn't trade those early pages for anything. 10:36 AM" Email me your address and I'll send you some Chatterbox goodies "from the beginnings."

Tune in tomorrow for another Chatter-Creation. If you do your homework you might have an opportunity to receive a Chatterbox Card Kit. (60 pieces Chateau Kit) If you like creating cards this is the route you want to go, if you don't create cards, what better way than with a kit that you make uniquely yours.

Your homework is to check out all the Chatterbox links I posted on the blog. I'll post a fun question tomorrow night and all you have to do is answer it correctly in the comments to be in the drawing for the next RAK!

Gratitude List:

1. My computer and certainly God's Wisdom to fix it!

2. Opportunities...I know I say that a lot, but God has certainly opened many doors for me.

3. Cell Phones

4. My Ms. Ruth

5. My Father's undeniable grace in my life.


  1. What a wonderful idea for your stamping 101 class! Great job thinking on your feet!

    Computers and I have such a love/hate relationship. I'm glad that you were able to get yours to cooperate. ;)

    I'm a Chatterbox fan too. Good luck on your entry! Looks fabulous so far!

  2. Alright Deb! Way to be thinking on your feet girl!

    I love your chatter page. It's adorable!

  3. Deb, best of luck to you for Chatterbox, you would be a wonderful addition to their team. Crossing my fingers for you.

  4. i love your title!!! dare to live out loud!!! your page is nice!!


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