Trying Those Mini-Books Again

I am so determined to learn how to do mini-books that I just keep going and going. Well here's another one from Winter CHA using Clear Album.

Here's a new Layout for Noel's Challenge. This is the most important part of my summer. The family reunions, family cookouts, in general our family.

Organizational Tricks: Having more space does not necessarily mean more organization. The important thing is to make the most of the space you have. With scrapbookers it almost always means being able to "see" your supplies.
***Clear plastic containers without lids,
***Wall units (Lisa and Becky Wall organizers are great as I can buy a piece at a time.
***Removing items that you do not use on a weekly basis. I've moved my XXL to my spare room as I only need it for crops.
***if you teach, organizing specific class, aka stamping, in plastic scrapbook containers so your basics are ready to go.
If you are a "collector" it is important to use it or lose it.

The more cluttered your room, studio, area is, the less productive you are going to be. Do you know how I know these things? I'm right in there with you.

Lisa and Becky with Advantus Rail System

June's Debby's Dare
My goal for the summer is to have about 100+ people on my subscription list and that my counter will hit over 10000. By the end of summer I mean by the end of August. Personally, I think with you help, we can beat that.

The challenge is...

(1) register to receive notification when I update my blog...RSS Feed to the left. Comment here to let everyone know you've done it. If you have problems registering let me know asap at

(2) add Debby's Dare to your blog, website, or your message board you are involved in. Leave a comment and a link to your blog/website.

(3) Stay involved in the mini-challenges that will go out throughout the summer. Comment when you have met a challenge.

All the comments and links will get your name in the drawing for.................
The biggest of the big............
One of a kind, personal, no one else will every have......
In celebration of the opening of my Etsy shop within the week......


To be honest it is easier to buy something and give it away. I wanted to share a part of me with you. My books are very personal and reflect who I am as an artist and the winners personality of design.


Okay, get started, sign up, link up, leave comments! If you are a Fiskateer, leave your ID number, if you are a PEA or a Neighbor leave a note to that effect. Everyone else make sure to check back often.

Gratitude List
1. All Of YOU!
2. Friends that love to crop
3. God's love for us and His glory
4. My J for being really great less than one week out of school
5. My father's ongoing protection in my life and my family's life.


  1. danielle Brown11:37 AM

    i will try

  2. I registered as a reader and I added you to places I visit on my blog:

    This sounds like a fun challenge. Oh and I am also a Pea.

  3. I found your blog a while ago and check in every so often. I really am inspired by your scrapbook pages and enjoy reading your posts.

    I registerd as a reader - I hope that's the same as subscribing to the blog. (not too familiar with all this yet but I'm learning quick)

    I added a post about you on my blog

    I am a pea and love to hang out there when I'm not working on a layout or card.

    What's a fiskateer?

  4. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Debby you are a sweetheart to give us this opertuity.. I have your blog Bookmarked, and I get up dates on your slide shows in my gmail, Does that count?? Mariah #2457

  5. I'm With U Deb.. GO DEBBY GO!!!YIPIEE Love your Site

  6. Go, Debby! rah! rah! you ROCK! so very generous. I love your blog. best of luck with your etsy grand opening!!!

  7. Good Day Debby - I've registered as a reader and have added your blog link onto mine.

    I'm a Fisk-A-Teer - # 4472

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in your challenge.

  8. I registered as a reader when I first discovered your blog, I don't hav a blog yet (am thinking about it) but your blog is on my favorites list. I try to enter your challenges as often as I can, they are so much fun. If I ever do take the plunge and create a blog, I for sure be adding U on it. I lov looking at ur pages and creations and visit almost every day.

  9. I registered for the feed updates and I have you in my favorite places.

  10. Anonymous10:36 AM

    I have regestered for the feed updates and saved you as a favorite! I am new to this BLOG thing so just getting used to it. Thank you

  11. I M new at this Bloggin stuff.. Did I do this right Debby..LOLOLOL

  12. I registered as a reader and will post a link in My Place at Technically I don't have a blog at the moment, but if I do create one I will link to you. Thanks!

    BTW, what's a pea?

  13. Sorry, here's the link to my place, I discussed you in the blog there. Thanks!

  14. Anonymous9:26 PM

    This is all so new to me but I am inspired by your creativity.

  15. Anonymous11:06 AM

    enjoy your blog - you have alot of things going on - really nice work
    new to this bloging stuff but will try to stay in touch

  16. I have added you in my RSS feed and put a link to your blog under my Blinkies links on the left of my blog.


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