Cute and Awful

Well, it has been a wild week and a half at my house. I had a tooth cut out and I can tell you right now if it could go wrong the dentist said I made every percentage there way happen. Pain does not begin to describe what I went through. Yikes! My tooth, they discovered, was fractured. Most likely happened in a car accident 6 years ago. The fracture was laterally at the gum line and move down through the root. Through the years my gums began to grow into the fracture forcing it apart and allow bacteria to build up. The pain began and so did my journal to @$##. Well, needless to say I'm on the other side now. But during the early time of my recovery I was sleeping on the couch trying to recover. My sweet husband took this picture (AWFUL) of me sleeping on the couch with my best friend! It was so funny when I discovered it on my camera this morning!

While all this was happening to mom, Jacob was doing a great job helping to keep the house clean. While cleaning the dog's dish it slipped from his hand and he tried to catch it. It hit the floor and shattered upward and caught his hand as he was trying to catch it. As bad as it looks, it bled even more. He only let out a low growing noise once as it happened and after that he was a perfect patient. The nurse said they usually have to hold adults down to clean and stitch up someone like this. Jay laughed while we watched the food channel and they stitched him right up. I'm proud of my boy!

We were certainly the walking wounded around my house. And this much pain in one household puts a cramp in my scrapbooking. But I'm still trying!!


  1. I'm glad you are feeling better! And I bet having your buddy with you helped a tiny bit! That's a cute pic!

  2. Ouch! Deborah, I hope you're feeling better. I've been missing ya! Susan said you came for a bit on Friday, that's good! I won't be by this Friday either. Grrr, I have to pick up the kids from camp. Hope Jacob's healing well,too! See ya soon! (eventually!)

  3. Well, after a week like that, you can only go up, right?


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