I'm the RICHEST Woman on Earth!

Yep, that's me. No, I did not win the lottery, or win the 10,000 dollar suitcase, but I did take a good, hard look around me and realize I'm truly very WEALTHY. I have four of the most wonderful children on the face of the earth. They are good, with good hearts, a good work ethic, great ambitions, and I'm fortunate that they all live close to me. Well, two are still in the house, but with Tabitha's career I'm lucky she is not living across the world somewhere. They are all healthy and beautiful children.

I have a wonderful (although she can drive me nuts at times) mom, a beautifully talented sister and she has a wonderful family. My in-laws, although it's been a long, tough road, are wonderful people with great hearts.

In a world of bankrupt people and families I am truly the WEALTHEST person on Earth!!

"I Dare you To Scrap Your Life."--DLL

P.S.....if this works the first Video is a little diggy camara video of my son at his spring concert...Jay's the one on the far left. The second video is a poor looking grandma with her Hannah (see if you can keep up with a 2 year old and look great! LOL)




  1. What a fantastic entry this morning!!!

  2. Deborah,
    Thanks for the inpiring entry today! What a great outlook to have...very uplifting. How great are you for having little video clips...very cool!


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