Recap of my Weekend

I fought the scrapping bug this weekend in order to make more memories to scrap! My husband and I with our son Jacob went to the zoo. Since we are members we go often, but it was "enrichment" day and we enjoyed the animals moving about much more than usual.

I love the Giraffe picture because they were in a cluster and it reminded me of the movie the Lion King. LOL The other picture is of me and Jim but look very closely to the Kola in the background. My son is getting better at his photo taking skills.

I just wanted to add this picture of me and Hannah. She truly makes my world complete.
1. She smiles and the world is alright.
2. She is young, but can play practical jokes on you in a heartbeat...just like her father.
3. When she is unhappy she's lets you doubt about it.
4. When she is playful and fun, she takes it to the limits.

She is truly my heartbeat!


  1. Cute pictures. I love the one with the giraffes.

  2. Looks like you had a great time! Did you see the 3D movie?


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