10 Surprises in My LiFe....Blog Challenge

Wow, I don't know that I've had 10 surprises, but lest try.

1. When I grew up I did not become a lawyer. But I like my job and I'm able to help other also through the Financial Aid Office and Retention Services.

2. My mother got smart! Go figure this one out! LOL

3. People lie and don't care. Sad surprise to say the least.

4. My group I took to Europe gave me a Russian Wool hand-knitted sweater and I love it!

5. I was surprised when my brand new step-granddaughter walked in on me in the bathroom!

6. When the minister forgot to tell my son at his wedding that "you may now kiss the bride!" Too funny.

7. My mother and father surprised me by coming from Florida, when dad was so very ill, to attend my Graduation from Grad school.

8. When my husband actually bought me a diggy camera for my birthday!

9. When I won the SA contest and they told me I was to be published in their magazine.

10. And the BigGesT one for me: My husband planned an anniversary trip to the mountains last year. He never even remembers our anniversary so this was a biggy!