So much Going On!

Me in Straight Hair...I haven't had that for over 10 years. I was very sick for a few years where I lost a lot of hair. When it came back, it came back curley!!! The hair dresser had a field day and straighten my hair. I enjoyed it so much. Wish it would have stayed!

We are in the middle of registration at USC, so we are very busy. Updating a blog is not a priority so I've been neglectful. So Sorry!

I’m going to be published. I won the Scrapbook Answers "Where Were You When...." contest. It will be in the October issue. When I got the initial email I screamed so very loud that the people on the next floor wondered what was going on. Telling my family was the second highlight and so much fun. I could hardly wait for permission to post it on PEAS. OMG, this has been so much fun. BUT I want to be picked up for a 'call' or as a "designer!" Does that make sense? I know this is great beyond words...but there is something about the email that says you are now officially a scrapbook designer. I want that. One step at a time. But I also love contests so much. I entered MIM 2006 and loved my book and the journey it took me on. So I certainly will keep trying.

Matter-of-fact, I'm working hard on a few layouts for the CK Convention this weekend. The description of the layouts is actually very different from what I normally do, so it is certainly outside my comfort zone. That's good...stretches me....that's bad, it will be hard to even compete.

I'm trying to organize the PEA lunch so we can get together and have a little fun and put faces with PEA names. It will be so much fun and I can't wait to post the pictures here afterwards.

I'm also promoting the SC State Fair. My goal is to have 50 scrapbook entries this year. That is a huge jump from last year. But I KNOW THERE ARE MORE THAN 50 great scrappers in the state of South Carolina. I've already registered and I hope many others are doing the same.

School starts next week and I have to clothing shop this week for my son. Yikes, it is coming too fast. This is his last year as a Middle School student and I'm said. I don't want to go through High School again!

So just what little I've updated I feel tired just writing it!!!