Updating a Busy Life

Well, it must not be too busy if I'm here updating my blog! LOL

Creating Keepsakes Convention was a blast! I was sort of dreading it as I get very competitive when it comes to my layouts. But somehow I was given great peace and just looked forward to the day with Angie and meeting the area PEAS (message board). It was fun to be without children and to laugh and enjoy myself.

I met Sudie, Brandi, Sara (BiG winner of Scrapworks), Court, Lisa, and another Lisa, Missy, and the list goes on and on and on ................................ See the pictures. That's us, tired but having a ton of fun. Everyone was generous in donating RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness). And no one asked anyone to do this. We just did and it was great!

(Sara winning Scapworks First Place in Charlotte. It's blurry because I was fighting the crowds!)

I was to meet Tracy White but she had to cancel and I was very disappointed. Although the teacher we had was very good the only reason I took the class was to meet Tracy. She is sending us an autograph copy of her photography book. That's cool, but I would have liked to meet her. But I did get to meet Donna Downey. Interesting to have that much energy packaged in one person! LOL She was interesting and full of personality. I told her that she was my "FIrSt" famous personality. Now I do know one other, but I don't think she would consider herself that type of personality, but she is quite famous in the scrapping circles. These are the pictures of me, Angie, and Donna. I love the one where Donna and I were playing it up about her being my "first."

Deborah, Donna, (2nd picture) and Angie

I'm rearranging and redoing my scrap room. I went and bought a 6 foot table to put in my scraproom and I was up from 1:30 am until I left for work working on it. But still only about half way there. I'll post when I'm finished. It will by no means look as great as some I've seen, but I'm able to get the sewing machine off the kitchen table and into the scraproom. I'm also working hard on finishing up "kits" I've picked up over the year and had not completed. I'm not a person who loves kits, I enjoy them from time to time and they always turn out pretty. I just like to create from the bottom up.


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