State Fair Jitters

The South Carolina State Fair always brings the jitters. I've been entering the fair since they started a scrapbook category . Since the judging is finished, but we do not know the winners until Wednesday, I'll post it here. What do you think? Ribbon quality?

I also finished a two album (8.5 x 8.5) project of my son's and a screaming mother's trip to Washington DC and New York City. I'll post just three. They are not the best pages but each is special for a reason.

The first layout is of the Holocaust Museum. We were not allowed to take pictures inside, so this is the only picture all of us got. But it is important for Jacob to "Remember" the unsung hero's of WWII. If you get a chance to go be prepared for it to change your life.

The second layout is in NYC. FAO Swartz was the most fun, welcoming place. We did not get to go to traditional touristy places due to the fact we were in the middle of a bad Nor'easter. So we found fun alternatives. The boys had so much fun being welcomed by honor guards holding Star War light sabers. What a blast!

The third layout is just a tip layout. I kept our schedule, but I did not like the look of the pages when I tried to cut and paste and figure out how to make it fit my page. So I scanned the schedule (as well as other things) and saved it in Photoshop Elements 4. I was able to crop and size the image to get what I want and then printed it on vellum so I could see the Basic Grey paper underneath. I thought it was a pretty good idea.

October is Breast Cancer Month and I did two layouts one for my Aunt Pat who is a 15 year survivor and one for Aunt Evelyn who died a horrible death due to undetected Breast Cancer.

I've also been back to the zoo taking more pictures. I need to go once more. My battery died last time.

So I've been a busy beaver between my scrapping, learning about photography more, Bible Study, Church, Jacob's school and church activities, and the Fellowship of Scrapbookers, and still fighting sickness that I haven't had time to update my blog. Well, this is just some of what I've been doing.
I am Grateful for:
...God allowing me to work with people who are interested in scrapbooking;
...grilled cheese sandwiches
...strength through all the illness and His wisdom in making true and solid decisions
...the will to forgive even when my heart doesn't want to (read the story of Corrie Ten Boom) son William and his wife Stephanie


  1. Great layouts!!

    Good luck!! Hope you win!!

  2. Great pics, especially the black & white one. I have had the hardest time getting that.

  3. lovely layouts!

  4. CONGRATS ON THE STATE FAIR RIBBON!!! It's an awesome layout; a true prize-winner!

  5. I'm Grateful for
    ....a loving, caring mother.
    ....being raised with values and a love of the Lord.
    ....having a family that supports me even when they don't really agree with my decisions.
    ....peace of mind, knowing if I need anything my family will be there.

  6. Scanning the schedule into ps is a great idea.. Luv the album

    I wanted to let you know is having a
    spa retreat this Saturday October 20th from 12-9 pm Eastern. More info on my blog at
    See you there


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