From Scary to scary

First Scary:

It's been a long trail with my Adam. Without me knowing about it my son had the MRSA staph infection. When he got to the point he could not walk (on his upper legs) and was in bed. I went in to just check on him where I found his legs swollen with overwhelmingly gross boils. He did not think it was serious. I certainly did. I called the doctor immediately. I didn't like his answer. A mother's instinct. I looked up staph infection on Mayo clinic . I realized he was in trouble. We got him to the Urgent Care where they gave him antibiotics and pain killers telling him to come back the next day. The next day he was worse and they just added a cream. Day three this child was beyond pain so back to Urgent Care where they added another antibiotic. Day four and his leg is beginning to bleed. I drove way too fast, but we got him to the ER at our local hospital where they did emergency surgery and admitted him to the hospital because the infection was too deep to complete drain it. So they aggressively treated him with antibiotics and he had to have pulse lavage everyday. If we had not gotten him there when we did he could have lost his leg(s) or even his life due to the extent of this infection.

WARNING: Please if anything like a bite, or acne looking bump rises up on you or your child. Do not hesitate to get them checked out by the doctor. DO NOT mash the head. It will spread the infection. Better to be sure than to go through what we went through. Adam, who is an athlete, will have permanent scars and it will take weeks if not months to get his strength back in his legs. We found out that Urgent Care (who is connected to the hospital we went to) messed up back. Upon calling them they apologized and is not charging him one dime. Adam is at home doing much better, but unable to go back to work yet.

Second Scary:

Halloween was really not that scary. My youngest granddaughter believes beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is truly a princess, so she went as Snow White.
She loved spinning around in her gown and wearing high heels (she's only three years old).
My older granddaughter went as a lady pirate with a "jar of sand." For those who understand God Bless You...I didn't until it was explained to me.

My youngest son has finally outgrown Trick or Treating and worked at the church Fall Festival. This is a picture of him working. Yeah, right.

Scary week all around.

Oops, I almost forgot my Gratitude List:

1. My son Adam's life and his blessing in my life.
2. Family, friends, and churches willing to pray for Adam.
3. God's ultimate mercy.
4. God's protective hand.
5. Nurses and doctors that acted quickly.