Christmas? 5 Days Away!

I can't believe it is almost here. Are you ready? I just need to DEEP clean the house for company. Thursday after Christmas the in-laws are coming for a 3 day visit. Mom is in her late 70's and Dad is 84 years old, but they are making the trip to see our whole family. It is so hard to get all the grown kids together to go to Florida.

My sister finally goes to court today concerning her divorce. I've been so disappointed in her soon-to-be ex. He has pulled every trick in the book and even ones I'd never heard of. I was suppose to be with her today, but my health did not allow me to travel so far.
Urgent Prayer Request:
Please pray for my sister Cindi and her two girls throughout the day. The time will be 1:30 EST.

Challenge Question #18: How do you decorate your tree?
I start on Thanksgiving. We set up the tree and check out the lights. Then the next day I put on the decorations. My husband's job is to always put the angel on top of the tree. No one else is allowed to. I have a homemade quilted tree skirt that my mother made for me that is beautiful. My youngest son makes sure all his favorite decorations are on the tree. And everyone takes turns seeing where their ornament is or remembering how long ago they made a certain ornament. It's loads of fun. My favorite part is turning out the house lights and lighting the tree up. It's like a piece of magic.

Challenge question #19: Do you like snow? Hate it? Tolerate it?
When I was young we lived where the snow started in October and did not end until March. But as a child it was fun. The snow angels, snowball fights, snow forts, snow cream, catching a snow flake on your tongue, sledding, and just watching it fall in anticipation of all the fun we were going to have. But NOW. No, don't want it. I live in the south so I don't have to deal with it. Everyone once in a while we get an inch of snow and I enjoy taking pictures of the trees and the kids playing. But all the clothes and shoes to clean afterwards. Driving on black ice. Icicles falling from power lines and hitting the car. No, not anymore.

Challenge question #20: What was your favorite gift?
I've had several wonderful gifts through the years. But the one I'll always remember is the day I received my Chatty Cathy. Through the years I've never forgotten my girl. I loved her so much. She even went through surgery with me, so she was a true and faithful friend!

Here are a few fuzzy pictures!

Gratitude List:
1. Love
2. Laughter
3. Peace
4. Hope
5. All of it wrapped in swaddling cloths...Jesus Christ


  1. Praying for your sister and her girls. And have a joyous and blessed Christmas!

  2. Thanks sis for all your prayers and also for leaning an ear so many times. I know there were many times that you didn't feel like listening, but you did anyway. Love ya!


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