My Last Post for 2007

Someone asked me to sum up 2007 in one word. Well, here's my word


*God's faithfulness to bring me through an illness that almost cost me my life.

*God's faithfulness in helping me lose weight from my health (90 lbs)

*God's faithfulness in keeping my children safe and healthy.

*God's faithfulness in growing my marriage into a thing of beauty.

*God's faithfulness in protecting my sister.

*God's faithfulness in bringing the right woman into my son’s life.

*God's faithfulness in teaching me about forgiveness, unconditional love, grace, mercy, and patience.

*God's faithfulness in giving me great friends, mentor, confidant, and doctors.

*God's faithfulness in leading me to a church that reaches out and cares; teaches the Word of God faithfully; and knows how to have great fun!

God has truly been faithful to me and my family. Undeserved, unwarranted, unearned...that's my year in review God's love and faithfulness!

Here I am before and after my weight loss in 2007:

Yikes! This is me in April. It was after my hospital stays. As you can see I'm a whopper size and had a serious reaction to medication I was given.

Me now! 90 pounds later and looking for clothes to wear! Not a bad problem to have. I'm off my high blood pressure medication and off my diabetic medication! Faithfulness.

Gratitude List
1. God's unending love.
2. A good year although hard.
3. Life
4. Love
5. Goodness