NoelMignon Challenge and More

No this is my Blogger Challenge from Two Peas!

Challenge Question #16: Do you take neighbor gifts/treats to anyone, everyone, a select few?

We have walked over cookies to several of our neighbors in the past, but our best and favorite neighbors are the Tripletts. This wonderful couple watch out for my home, they have help in raising my son (watched him after school and Jane became his homework coach), we laugh together, cry together, share about our family and health. We send them Christmas cards via mail (they live next door?), we send over cookies for Ms. Jane, sugarless candy for Mr. Jim, of course we walk a present over on Christmas, and we fix them a Christmas plate of great food. We truly love them are we are not nearly as good to them as they are to us.

Here is one of my Christmas Holiday Layout I've been working on:

Now this is NoelMignon Challenge

Gratitude List:

1. The smells and sounds of Christmas

2. My pastor and his love for God and people

3. Adam's friends to make me laugh

4. Husband home early from work

5. Strength to do all this scrapping!


  1. What a great layout Debby! Thanks so much for joining in on the challenge!


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