What Matters The Most

I've about got carried away with the all the holiday doings. The stress yesterday got to me a bit and I was sick. Now it is time to back off and remember what matters the most this time of the year.
What matters most:
1. First and foremost is God's grace, mercy, and love toward me.
2. My husband's understanding and love.
3. My children Tabitha, William, Adam, Jacob
4. My daughter-in-law, Stephanie and my to-be daughter-in-law, Ashley
5. My grandchildren
6. My mom and sister and her children
See a theme? What matters most is not gifts, special foods, parties, tinsel and lights. Not even scrapbooking matter most. What matters most is my family. What I invest in them is what lasts, it is what matters most.

Challenge Question#21: Do you have a family get-together during the holidays with extended family?

This year my in-laws are visiting two days after Christmas for an extended Christmas Celebration. I know it will be fun and my husband is so very excited to see his sister and mom/dad. Mom and Dad are in their 80's now and I can't believe they are traveling from Florida to see us. Since we moved from Florida and our children are grown we don't like being away from them during the holidays to we don't usually get a chance to celebrate Christmas with our extended family. Now, my mother, sister and her kids, and my brother will go to my aunts house for Christmas dinner with all the aunts and uncles and tons of cousins! Hmmm, I'll certainly miss that this year.

Challenge Question #22: What's the most important thing that you must do each Christmas season?

There are so many things that mean a lot to me, but I would believe that the most important is going to Christmas Eve service with our whole family. It helps to refocus on What Matters Most before opening all those gifts and eating all the food.

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