RAK # 2 Adding, Adding, Adding

Wow, I'm looking at my stash and I can't believe I've purchased so much since I've started scrapping...only 5 years ago. But last night and this morning I added some real goodies. I'm taking a trip to Joanne's tomorrow to see if I can pick up some Fiskar products to add to the RAK. This is so much fun. BUT I would love to start seeing some "build-a-flowers." If it is on a layout post the link to the layout.
*****Just a reminder, I can not ship outside of the continental US. If you have contacts in the US, I can certainly mail it to them and then you can make arrangements to have it shipped to you.******* These packages are edging toward 8-10 lbs. WOW!

I'm starting to create the scavenger hunt for the last RAK. I've been speaking to a few folks with websites and blogs and I can tell you this...IT WILL BE FUN!

I will also have a smaller RAK that I'll pick from a list of participates that did every challenge during the month of February. I'm sure I can find some of the latest and greatest to bring back from CHA!

Do you know how much fun this is? I'm getting to know people through their posts or emails. People being challenged to make something they've never made before. And how much cleaner and organized my Studio is becoming.

Scripture Challenge Week #4 (I know I'm behind)

I felt more like putting my thoughts and prayers into this one than into my design. The journaling reads: "Wait God, I can't do this." I know I'm to live by faith, but when trials become unbearable waiting on God is confusing. I want to plead, "Wait God, give me a breather, give me a breat, it hurts too much." God tells us in James 1:1-4 (and) assures me that if I endure - Wait- it will make me perfect and complete."

On a personal note: I'm working hard to get some Pea and Fiskateer Challenges done before CHA. My son...a wonderful boy...a testing teenager! His words to me yesterday were "Mom, I don't have a Life." He was being discipline for a lack of responsibility on his part concerning his school schedule for next year and somehow I took away his "life." LOL I've got to do a layout with this one.

I spent Sunday with my older son celebrating his birthday. The most fun was playing with my granddaughter. I saved some of the bubble wrap that came in a package. I asked Hannah if she wanted a present. Of course she said yes! I gave her the bubble wrap and I've never seen a gigglier girl in my life. The adults got in on this one also. Bubble wrap brings out the kid in us all! LOL

Popping Bubbles is Serious Business

Hannah put the Bubble wrap under her shirt. Dad was giving her big hugs and she would "pop" and giggle.

Aunt Tat Tat gets in on the Bubble popping fun!

Grandma and her girl.

Grandpa, Dad, and Hannah having a lazer fight!
Gratitude List
1. Forgiveness
2. My computer
3. Sudie
4. Cheryl and Abigail
5. My Father that gives us such a great day!


  1. OK here is mine. I build my Hawaiian flowers and put them on CD cards (: #3405 Fiskateer. CRistal

  2. Debby,

    Sorry, didn't know how else to email you since blogger doesn't give email addresses when people leave comments. :)

    Here is the random number generator that I used:


    Have a great day!

  3. kimberlee #24944:09 PM

    Wow, thanks so much for posting something personal. I love to see how people grow closer to God.

  4. What a beautiful child! I would be scrapping her constantly.

  5. for some reason my flower isnt showing up in the slideshow? why is that? thanks

  6. They have to be approved before they will show up. Is it up there now? If not send me an email...DeborahL591@yahoo.com.

  7. yes its THERE!!!! i'm so excited!!!! thanks for the awesome challenge. i went totally out of my comfort zone with this one and it turned out great! thanks again

  8. Uploaded flower to the show, but here's where you can find it at sb.com: http://www.scrapbook.com/gallery/source/221573/BuildaFlower.jpg

    This was fun. Different. Would never have thought to build something in this way (something more than just layering). Thanks for the challenge!

  9. Hi Debby

    I have got my flowers made, but as yet not used on any LO's as I am waiting to get some more photos printed.

    Here is a link to my blog where I have loaded them http://masonmumblings.blogspot.com/

    Thanks for the challenge
    Sandra fiskateer 1076

  10. i think i sent u a message via fiskaters that i have contacts in the US didnt i..... letting u know just in case

  11. Candy #30159:39 AM

    Debby thanks for another challenge. My flower is posted in my fiskateer gallery. I'm fiskateer Candy #3015. Enjoy your time at CHA!


  12. Candy #30159:41 AM

    P.S. Opps I also put my flower on the slide show.

    candy #3015

  13. Hi I'm from Canada but have connections in the USA. I love making those flowers.

    Brenmarie Fisk-A-Teer #1175


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