And Winner Is...........

Can I first tell you how much fun I've had the whole month of February? I loved you coming and visiting my blog, meeting the challenges one way or another. I've had a Lead Fiskateer (Fiskars) visit and a Garden Girl (PEA) and so many other visit my blog. But you who did all the hard work mean the most to me.

I hope you will return again and again. I will be doing a RAK in March. Hint: we'll be visiting photography sites and do a little challenge with your photography. I only have a small Kodak camera so don't let this intimate you. So let the cool March winds blow in. I love March. The kids and I always flew kites and I hope me and my grandchildren will be doing that this Sunday. Come back and check out my other links and I'll be adding more.

Since I was up all night getting ready for a crop and waiting for the "bargain" site to open I was able to draw a winner. Drum Roll if you please:
Congratulations! Whoo Hoo.

Oh, did I forget? I drew another number for a smaller RAK. The winner is Mariah #2457. Whoo Hoo again. Congratulations to both of you. Send me an email with your address on it and I'll get your RAK out to you Monday along with last week's winner. . Now my studio is cleaned out and it's thanks to you.

More news Holly, Lead Fiskateer for Fiskars is coming. More later!

Don't forget to vote for my Bailey. I am shooting for at least 100 votes. The link is below. Please remember to make sure the number went up my one or you know you haven't voted yet.
1. Health is improving
2. All of you!
3. The working out of a situation that I certainly did not trust God for
4. In the midst of trouble He is our sustainer. God be with my friend Joany at the loss of her beloved kitten.
5. God's plan for me today.

What are you grateful today?


  1. Congrats to all of this month's winners. It was fun!

  2. congrats to the winners! all the project were lovely

    1) My family
    2) that i know God
    3) that i'm getting better health-wise
    4) gosple/contemperary music that seems to continuosly uplift me
    5) the ablitites our loving Father graced me with
    6) that i'm alive to actually experiance the joys of every-day life

    (theres a lot more lol)
    love ur blog Debby!

  3. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Wow, so excited!! i have never won anything this big before:) Thank u so much Debby for the fun scavanger hunt...i had alot of fun doing it!! Great job to everyone else on ur projects, really enjoyed looking at everyones creations:) have a wonderful day:)
    Kris #2961

  4. Anonymous12:56 AM

    Thanks Debby for the wonder full time.. and another chance to win.. I didn't expect to win twice in one month.. I guess it was my lucky month..LOL... and.. I just loved all those different are wonder full.. you are to good to us..
    Mariah# 2457

  5. Anonymous1:03 AM

    1)For our loveing God and Father
    2)my loving kind and understanding husband
    3)my 4 boys and 4 girls.. they make everyday of living sweeter
    4.. for my mom and dad
    5..Gospel songs.. they are very up lifting. when I'm feeling down
    6) for friends like you who. inspire us to have fun crafting..
    there are lots more..LOL.. but I'll stop here.. Mariah # 2457


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