Happy National Craft Month!

A whole month dedicated to crafting. Of course my craft is scrapbooking, but I want to write a little about my mother's passion. Quilting. I wish I could begin to describe the love and beauty that goes into every one of her quilts. I'm fortunate that I have one of the quilts my mother pieced together and then my grandmother quilted. How wonderful is that?!?! I have several put away from my grandmother, my mother-in-law, my husband's grandmother...But there is nothing close to my mother's quilts.

Grandma and Mom's Quilt

Mom's quilts take time and patience. She picks out the colors and design to match the personality of the person she is making it for. Classic, or Dolls, purple or even when some of the kids were going through their "black period." Mom collects quilting scraps the way I collect paper. I often use her patterns and some times her quilting squares she cuts out for me on my layouts. A fun quilt she made for my son when he was small was a cowboy quilt.

My youngest's Son's First Quilt

Mom's quilts are fluffy and soft. When I'm home sick, missing my mom and dad (now gone to be with the Lord), wanting to see my sister, or just plain feel rotten, I will wrap up in my beautiful quilt and sit and think of the beauty of my great grandmother, my grandmother, and my mom. Great, great Yates and Grandma Thomas made quilts mostly because it got cold. My mother made them early on for the same reason. Now it has become an art to her, her overwhelming passion.

My Christmas Tree Skirt she Quilted

Only thing that bothers me is she loves to make the tops, but she has a hard time finishing them off by quilting the tops to the bottoms. She has enough quilt tops to keep her busy for another 60 years.

Here are some cool secrets you need to check out. In celebration of National Craft Month Fiskars is having a warehouse sale. Everyday they post a different item from their warehouse (not the new just to be released stuff) at FiskaDeal. The new deal starts at midnight central time. Check it out.

Also, Fiskars is doing a charity auction on Ebay. The proceeds go 100% towards Child Development, Inc. Celebrate National Craft Month by giving to those who need and receive some fun Fiskars products to boot.

I haven't posted a new layout here for awhile so here is my Technique Tuesday Challenge. They were very generous and sent out some tiles or in my case tile toppers. They feel like canvases and are great to work with. It gives you a different look than chipboard.

Gratitude List:
1. Mom
2. Dear Friends who pray
3. Opportunities
4. Energy
5. My Father's ability to forgive over and over and over again. That His love never fails me, especially when I fail Him.

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Bailey is at 43 votes with only 5 days left. He told me he wanted at least 100 votes! Thanks for helping us out!


  1. I feel the same way when I wrap up in the quilt that holds stitches from my great-grandma, my grandma, my mom, and me. That's history and love you can't get in a store. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Hey..it hasn't been a week! ;)

  3. Hey Debbie! It was great meeting you last week!!! I really enjoyed the blog scavenger hunt and appreciate you letting me in on the fun. The message you left me was so sweet (just like you are) and you are as nice "in real life" and exactly what I expected from your blog. Hope to see you again soon and take care! Shere

  4. The quilts are beautiful! I have tried to quilt, I am just not that much of perfectionist. So scrapping is my hobby, no measuring or precision required. lol

  5. Those quilts are fabulous. We got two when we were married last July -- one is a Wedding Ring quilt (which I got to help put together with hubby's grandmother), and one is an assortment of bright colors -- purples, pinks, yellows, etc. It's such a craft, and one I don't think I ever would have the patience to complete unfortunately.

  6. those quilts are gorgeous! so is the LO

  7. These quilts r just beuatiful! I've never made one but my sisters and i are planning on making one for our mom at Christmas:)

  8. Beautiful quilts....TFS! I voted for Bailey...crossing my fingers for him!


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