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A friend was coming up with a title for our crop coming up with Holly, one of the Lead Fiskateers at Fiskars and some of the suggestions were "Crops are not just for farmers" or what about "Life is a Crop!" and the even more loved "Everlasting Cropstoppler." Although we did take one of her suggestions "Save the Memories" crop I wanted to give honorable mention to the above titles. LOL

Lead Fiskateer Holly will be coming to Lexington, South Carolina on April 19th to spend a day cropping, teaching, and sharing a whole lot of Fiskateer love. If you are in the area or want to travel in for the day please let me know and I'll sign you up and help you find your way here.

Save the Memories Crop
April 19th
@Lexington Presbyterian Church's Tomlin Hall
9 am to 7 pm.
Register at
I did teach all weekend long. We had Croppin' in Columbia, sponsored by Pages From the Heart. Croppin is a citywide event which just meet for it's 6th Year! There were about 77 croppers present throughout the weekend. I made so many friends. This was the greatest group of women and I love teaching them so much. Although I only had one good joke but it was a new group every time. It worked!! We had a pirate theme and I love to jump in both feet so I dressed the part. I had pictures snapping right and left, but it was the most fun. Nan Hood, owner of Pages, is the absolute greatest. She planned, gathered her people and produced on great crop. I did not hear any complaints. I did hear a lot of laughter and I saw a lot of work being done. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.
This is one of the "ships" that have many of my scrapbooking friends from when I first started. Among them is an accountant, a pharmacist, a counselors, a home interior designer, a Stampin' Up consultant, a lawyer....to me they look plain nuts. But it is the only way I know them and I love it.

Big thank you for all that visit my blog. I had taken a bit of a break for a week. But I'm back and I hope to see you here often.

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Did I forget to mention that I won a heritage contest with Scrapbooking.com? Why, yes I did! Here's where you can go check it out: Chuck and Mildred. Also be looking in April's issue for an article and more layouts about perserving your heritage.

This is National Craft Month. I told you about my mother's quilting, but I want to tell you about some of my mother's brothers and sisters this week and their children. Tonight I don't have all my pictures together so check back tomorrow evening and I'll share some other crafty fun with you. I will be giving a small RAK at the end of the month to someone who leaves a comment on Debby's Dare telling me what types of crafting you do. You can comment on any of the posts from now until the end of the month. I look forward to hearing from you.

Gratitude List:
1. Sudie
2. Crops
3. New friends
4. God protection as I drove this weekend
5. His overwhelming Love for all.


  1. Great to hear about your croppingly (is that even a word?) fabulous time, Debbie. :) I wish I could find an event like that to partake in near me. Who knows...they may be occurring and I just don't know about it!

    Besides scrapbooking, my only craft has ever been cross stitching. Maybe not much of a craft, but some of those suckers are hard! I did one for my father...it was meant to be a Christmas gift in 2005; he finally received it at my wedding in 2007 (working 3 jobs didn't allow much downtime to complete it, and it fought for time versus my scrapping). I always keep at least one hanging around (normally in a state of partial doneness) for me to work on when I'm bored. :)

  2. Hi Deby I love all the news and hearing about all of your endevors thats why i becaame a fiskateer also thank you for the inspriation and i am a member of sb.com also

  3. Love the LO u did on 'my cupcake' challenge!! Also love the pictures u added... everyone looks like their having a great time:)
    I'm busy scrapbooking and knitting baby slippers in my spare time...even though i'm only 21 the guys enjoy calling me 'grandma':P i wonder if knittin' has something to do with it?. lol

  4. Anonymous8:07 PM

    I wish I could be scrapping with you on April 19th (my birthday - so that would be a real treat!). I've been planning to get back to my family albums ... but have been way-laid by some card making! I've ton's of flowers to use for mother's day and birthdays!
    Barb Fiskateer #2975

  5. wow..i really love ur updates on ur blogs..i come back daily to see if theres anything new...

    Eight now im working on a scrapbook for myself, and one for my mom with all her old pics. She asked me too and im hoping to get it done by mothers day so i can present it to her as a gift! can't wait till im done and she gets to look at it... im also into sewing blouses right now! finished one today and it didnt even take me all day- i was so glad!

  6. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Hi Debby, I barely have time for scrapbooking which is FAVORITE hobby. Other than scrapbooking I make bags for the grandkids school for Valentine's Day, Easter, ect...
    connie #2909

  7. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Hey love the blog and all of your layouts. :) They are awesome. :) I love to scrapbook, but I also stamp. Sometimes the two mingle and I stamp on my pages for my scrapbook.

    I currently am still working on a cruise that we took a year and a half ago and as always I am trying to work some on my sons book. He is 4 and I pretty much have the first year done, and about 10 pages in each of the other 3 but a ton more to go. :) thanks for the fun with the rak.

    Brandy Fiskateer #3564

  8. Patty W8:44 PM

    Hi Debby !

    You sure do get to do some fun things !! Love all the pics! What a great time scrapping and teaching all the ladies!

    I'm mostly making cards right now. I do a lot of "card shower" types of cards, for anyone that has a need.

    Have a great week !
    Patty #2832

  9. great website debby and very inspiring. I LOVE to scrapbook and card make right now. I have cross-stitched in the past but it is on the back burner now that I spend so much time creating cards and scrapbook pages!!

  10. I take other crafts in spells, but scrapping is my constant. I crochet blankets when a need a baby gift, I will do a counted cross stitch when I need an easily portable craft.

    I love your layouts you posted today!

  11. I am beginning to love scrapbooking now. I also do tole painting and iris card folding. I want to begin making other types of cards,too. I also work with sculpey clay.

  12. Anonymous10:13 PM

    I love your LO's they are great. I'm really busy with crowshaying a rug right now. There's alot more to it then i thought:) and also making a few friendship cards.
    Heather #3891

  13. Hi Debby...

    By heart, Im a scrapbooker...but I also make cards and I like to do counted crosstitching (which I haven't done in awhile...but I do enjoy it!) I have crocheted some lap afghans...and knit scarves...and have made exactly 3 quilts !! Thanks !

    Laura #1943

  14. Hi Debby
    I love checking your blog out and what fun to be able to scrap with Holly.

    From your New Zealand lurker
    Sandra fiskateer 1076

  15. Anonymous11:05 PM

    Nice to hear you had a great time.. where do I start??? Um.. Um.. I've been knitting by hand since I was 6 years old. and machine knitting since I was 9. and I still love it started cross stitching 2 years ago.. I always have one lying around. so I don't sit idel when we have company.. I also knit baby sweaters.. I should post one of those.. and of course I also do a lot of sewing.. those are just some of the few crafts I do...Thanks for the RAK.. Mariah# 2457

  16. Love your blog! I'm not too far from you here in Clt and am trying to see if I can work your crop into my schedule. I've learned so much on here tonight--now I'm trying to get dh to book at room at Christmas Place for Spring Break.

    I love to make crafts for and with other people. My favorite thing to do is teach a craft to kids in schools, scout troops, or VBS. I'm trying to learn not to be a craft hog--I'll wait a day or two to see if someone else volunteers and if not, I'm all over it. I always try to teach a craft that parents will hang onto for a while, like making an animal out of a liquid soap dispenser or baking a cake in a recycled vegetable can. I just can't stand the thought of a kid taking home his craft and it going into the trash!
    Angela Fiskateer #3100

  17. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Hi Debby,
    I so enjoy your blog and I check it often...your new layouts are very nice. I love so many crafts of course my main is scrapbooking. I like to sew craft things like doll clothes for granddaughters. I do some polymar clay but not in a while...thanks for the RAK

  18. Debbie your blogs are always so wonderful to read! I started doing scrapbook layouts a few weeks ago and I'm addicted. I absolutely love it. Besides scrapbooking I LOVE to sew!

  19. Anonymous11:31 PM

    Just discovered your space and really like it alot! I'm busy with making everyday cards and easter cards when i'm not working.

    Dee W #3851

  20. Anonymous11:32 PM

    Hi Debby!
    Wow you really updated your blog! Lots of great information! Anyway, I've been working on some random layouts and also some cards. I am trying to play with some new Fiskars tools and papers I just got! Thanks for sharing with all of us! It's always nice to read what others have to share.
    Alex #3614

  21. Hi Debby
    I come by ur blog now and then to check it out. I LOV ur layouts.
    Lately I'v been pretty busy, sewing, making cards, beading (making little gifts for my siters) and scrapbooking. I'm trying to finish a wedding scrapbook that I'm making for my sister. It's my first attempt at scrapbooking so it's quite a challange.

  22. Technically speaking I scrap, crochet, restore old/damaged pictures, flower arrangements, etc., but in reality lately I spend way too much time buying, organizing the stuff I buy, and reading blogs.
    Speaking of which, I love yours. Your faith shines through as a beacon to those of us who are still searching.
    Thank you!

  23. i like to sew. i make jean backs mostly aside from my own cloths. i paint, draw and am an art techer at our school so i do a lot of crafting. i like working with fun foam.

  24. Before I got really heavy in scrappin', I did plastic canvas items. My favorite is my candy holder lamb. I need to get my Easter things unpacked. I also did needlepunch and fabric painting. If it was wearable, I painted on it!!!

  25. I mostly do digital scrapbooking but I also love paper scrapping, card making and rubber stamping.
    I also love sewing and knitting and cross-stiching. I'm always learning new stuff to do...so I love it all!

  26. Anonymous2:08 PM

    I used to paint things but really love scrapping.

    Cicly #1835

  27. Congrats on winning the heritage contest. That's fantastic!!!!! :)

    Crafting...I scrapbook and sew. I find them both a "soothing" activity after a hectic day of work. Kind of my "creative release".

    God bless!

  28. Anonymous12:33 PM

    I love scrapbooking, and cross-stitch. I always wanted to be a painter,but, alas, no talent-lol. When I cross-stitch, I feel I am painting a picture with fibers. It is so relaxing and I know I have saved lots of $$$$ in therapy bills-lol.TFS. I love your Mother-in-laws quilts, and know what time and patience went into them, as well as all the love stitched in. Roseann #2933


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