Chicago Bound and RAK

I probably will not get to update again until I get back from Chicago and the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show. I'm pretty geared up, but I'm no where near ready to take off. I'll start packing some today. I'm going to do some shopping for a few shirts and some snacks.

Five of us are driving to CHA from South Carolina to Chicago. By all estimations that's a 12 1/2 hours of sitting, talking, sleeping (I'm not driving!). I only know two of the ladies going on the trip so I will be making three new friends.

I'm excited about seeing new products coming out. I'm really looking for innovative tools, different style of paperlines, more versatile products, and stamp organizers. I also love to go to the area where there is beading, buttons, quilting, Wilton I hope will be there, and altered art supplies. Of course I want to check out F & W publications (Making Memories and much more) and CK Media. I so want to visit Somerset Studios. I love there publications.

Last CHA I won Making Memories Slice, a electrical die cut machine. We were to receive them this month, but they are working out the bugs and we will not receive them until October. I'm not disappointed. I would rather they test and get it right than for me to be disappointed because it did not work properly.

One thing I'm going to miss while I'm in Chicago is my computer. No blogging, no message boards, no community, no emails. I'm hoping that the hotel I'm staying at has a public computer for me to check in at least once. We had one in Anaheim and it was very helpful to watch the Fiskateers have so much fun while CHA was going on.

Here is the Challenge: I will be away from my computer from Wednesday until Wednesday the following week. That is a long time. Leave a comment here to keep me up to date on what is happening in cyber-space. Everyone can leave one comment here per day. The more comments the more times you will be entered into the drawing.

Here's the RAK: I will be picking up paper packs, make-n-takes, all sorts of fun things at CHA. I will randomly draw one name to receive some of the newest paper and at least one make-n-take kit (I'll include a photo of the finished product so you will know how to put it together.)

BTW: extra points to suggesting a Magical Kingdom, Disney make-n-take. I have to teach two when I get back from Chicago.

You can start now to leave a comment that you are going to try to participate and keep me up with happenings. The more the merrier!

I ask for your prayers during the trip that we will be safe, stay healthy, and to be a bright light for our Heavenly Father.

Scrapbooking News:
Nearly everyone is giving away gifts right now. Go to your favorite manufacturer or design team member of that manufacturer and see what is happening. There are way to many to list here.

Sudie, from UnKit had a storm go through her hometown last night and the lighting fried her router and modem. If you do not hear from her for a few days, she not ignoring anyone, she is in the process of quickly trying to get back online. The storms in South Carolina have been really rough these past few weeks.

I told everyone I would show you the next line from Graphic 45. They have it up on their website so make sure to check it out at Graphic 45.

Fiskars has released some sneak peeks. They have one item I'm laughing my head off about. They have a new trimmer called "Rock, Paper, Trimmer." It does all the great things a Fiskars Trimmer will do BUT they have added speakers and a hook up for your MP3 player. You heard me right. Check out the "bootleg" video. It is too much fun.
Gratitude List:
1. Friends, you can live without them.
2. Prayer Warriors
3. Circles (not scrapbook, but a ladies group of Bible study and prayer)
4. My children and grandchildren.
5. My Father who protects me in my foolishness!


  1. Have fun at CHA. Can't wait to see all the fun stuff. As far as Disney make n takes, not sure if this helps but when ever I do disney pages I always include a hidden Mickey head. Maybe you could do a little tag book with different ways to create Disney heads...stamps, circle punches, swirly punches, paint, etc....

  2. Have a great time at CHA Debby!

  3. Groovy Deborah Malbone12:26 PM

    Debby all of you will be in my thoughts and prayers as you travel the roads. I'm actually really excite for you having the chance to meet new friends. what an adventure to begin not knowing the girls and taking a trip together!

    Beach Girl Donna and I just crossed the 25 pages of lifts mark on our Scraplift Scrapoff of Fiskateers los. Wow, what fun we are having!

    Also, sadly Brad and Anelina, ya know those celebrities????have hd twins and although that is not sad, the thought of them earning millions of dollars for pics of the babies is. We have starving people here in American unable to pay for gasoline, but they get millions for pictures. Sad I tell ya! Wishing them nothing but the best for their children though.

    Groovy Deborah

  4. I hope you and the other gals have a blast in Chicago at CHA!

    I love Disneyland, Mickey Mouse and Tinkerbell. One of the keys, I think, to a good Disney layout is the use of the just right colors: Red, Black, and Yellow. I am searching for paper with narrow red and yellow, possibly set off by black or white pinstripes (haven't found it yet, if you see it please let me know) and want to put a big, black Mickey head silhouette on it as a photo background.

  5. Have a blessed trip!

  6. Debby, for one of your disney make n takes how about a tin album. You can see pictures here
    Have fun at CHA-S you are only 3 hours from me.

  7. Hope you hav lots of fun at CHA, can't wait to hear all about it.
    I lov to collect disney pictures from magazines, toy tags and packaging, etc, to use as die-cuts and clip art for my LO's,

  8. Have fun at CHA! I'm so jealous- I hope to go one day. Disney ideas... autograph books are hot and make a fun class. Pin trading is huge at the Magic Kingdom, so perhaps a project that displays all those fabulous pins.

  9. I know you'll have a great time at CHA. Praying you have safe travel.

  10. Enjoy your trip to CHA and Chicago!! How awesome! Looking forward to some great stories when you return!

  11. Have fun at CHA - I'm so jealous, you get to do all the cool make & takes (I went once). Your RAK is so cool, and I really appreciate your generosity...and will definitely keep you posted.

    Re make and take - I think a mini book, with peek a boo areas, for autographs would be cool...and maybe something like one of those pop-out books, where one of the characters pops up?

  12. I hope you have a safe trip to Chicago, sounds like it's going to be loads of fun! As for Disney, I would suggest a fun autograph book. Maybe inside a tin with an attached pen that is altered. You could dedicate a page to each character and then leave a few pages plain for not so popular or well-known characters. (I've never been there so I'm not well versed on the character line-ups =D) Take care!

  13. Groovy Deborah Malbone11:19 AM

    Good morning Debby, by now I would guess that you and the girls have really gotten to know one another pretty well :) Do tell, were there any secrets spilled on that long trip???

    As for the dailey happenin's...

    The Fiskars inks were announced! How exciting to see our Fiskateer sisters naming the products, our products :)

    Have a good day!

  14. Be safe and have a great time:))
    Maybe a Mickey ears shaped mini album or Tag Book???

  15. Have fun!!!
    Disney make-and take? I made one that was mickey's head and the ear's folded down to make it look like a square.
    The ears opened up to announce a suprise party.

  16. The Fiskars site is showing some of the items you'll see at CHA:

    For the Disney make 'n' take, how about making a "film strip" using Fiskars Leave it to Weaver punch and "snapshots" of Disney characters.

  17. The new Maya Road sneak peaks are yummy - and don't forget to check out Pink Paislee and October Afternoon (did you see their sneak peeks? Awesome). CI usually has awesome make & takes. I'm so jealous. ;)

    Disney make & take - international themed book to represent epcot parade of countries? (maybe use MM Passport line for part of it?). Or use peek-a-boo books and have an international flag for each country peeking.

  18. Don't miss the new Fiskars TV show with our very own Wendy Jo! She shows how to make a dozen cards using three pieces of cardstock and Fiskars tools. Here is the link:

  19. Have an amazing time at CHA. New in the cyber world today for me was a bonus maya road peek with the most gorgeous jewel head pins. Yummy.

    For the mickey make and take how about using the circle sqeeze punch 3 time for a mickey head and then make it into a tag. Simple, but cute.

    Wishing you safe travels and foot massages.

  20. OOO Debby U have FUN!!!Maybe Just Maybe one day I can go too..;o)THE SLICE THe SLICE I want to know all about it.. take U a bunch of punched out circles and Ovals u can make all kinds of Mickeys//LOLOL Hurry back.. take care my on line friend..the storms HERe have been AWFUL!! We have been lucky here.Hugs MaryNSC 1121 I am hoping to crop with the fiskateer this weekend..:O) Will not be the same with out u..Hurry Home

  21. Debby, Have fun at CHA. I would love to go sometime.

  22. Enjoy CHA! Wish I was there! have a safe and blessed trip!

    Disney? Hmmm... Autograph books are always big for me. I make our own. And I make Paperpiecing characters for certain ones... so they go on the pages for those autographs.

    Can't wait to see the awesome stuff!!!

  23. Anonymous12:28 PM

    CHA is in chicago. I am going to try to get down one day next weekend. It's a short hop from Milwaukee...

    New in the cyber world? I have a blog!!!

    I'm so excited :)

  24. Have fun at CHA and I can hardly wait to see all the goodies and possibly win some RAKS

  25. Pink Paislee released pix of their new Oct release (sneak peeks anyway)...won't be shown at CHA, so that's an update for ya,

  26. Are you a fiction reader? If so, maybe you'll want to check out this book that is scheduled to be released this fall. It is called, "Paper, Scissors, Death: A Scrapbooking Mystery," by Joanna Campbell Slan.
    I am not familiar with this author, but it looks like she has a few other books, all nonfiction from what I see on Amazon.

  27. Enjoy CHA, i'm soooo jealous. Kiara

  28. Have a great time - make sure you stop by the Spellbinders booth - they have some amazing new dies!!! And tell them all MommaHo said hello!


  29. Have a fab time in Chicago. I saw your album on the NZ fiskars website and it was AWESOME! Gave me a great inspiration for using my corner/border punch!! I can't wait to hear all about CHA.

    My sister works for DisneyWorld as a bigshot! You can't go wrong with anything disney or mickey mouse. I saw a LO somewhere that used the mouse outline punch as photo corners. Really cute.

    Karen #4500

  30. I was looking at some of the CHA stuff and here are some photos from last summer. The whole psychedelic 60s thing was a little scary, but the rest looked fun. It would have been really fun to see Tim Holtz in action.

  31. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Have a great time at CHA, you always make the best of it, you are a very interesting person, I looove your gratitude lists, and your scrap booking ideas are just to much,, ENJOY,,, Mariah,# 2457

  32. just wanted to let you know the online crop is AWESOME, too bad your missing it....just kidding, I bet you are having way too much fun touching and playing with all those new goodies. Have fun!!!

  33. renee k5:52 PM

    Have fun, Debby. I'm sure you'll see lots of cool new stuff. Let us know what it was like when you come back and take lots of pictures.

    Ideas for Disney make and take:
    Chipboard signature album
    Pin to wear
    key chain

  34. I was thinking about your Disney make 'n' take. Too often we limit ourselves to Mickey Mouse. But Disney can be Donald, Chip and Dale, Tinkerbell or even Buzz Lightyear. I saw this silly Bush/Buzz cartoon and thought it might be fun to make a buzz lightyear costume that can have a headshot of a child.

  35. Making Memories has been having tons of giveaways (no luck though) on their blog, and Rusty Pickle has had some, as has Mellisa Frances...but there's so many people entering, at CHA you probably have better odds.

  36. So not much new going on (at least scrap-wise)...Making Memories continues to have lots of giveaways. I just found out October Afternoon had another line (thought they were only releasing the one, but they have at least 2 or more), the 2nd is a little boy themed line. And saw the new BG lines in full - very nice but my fav aren't released till Oct, which is frustrating, as CKC VF usually has the new BG for sale. Hope you're having a great time!

    Oh, Brad & Angelina's twins - why do they choose such weird names? I guess Vivienne isn't so bad (though not my favorite, like the mother's 1st name better), but Knox? So weird.

  37. This is new, but only for a limited time. A coupon for 20 percent off your regular priced items. It's not a 50 percent off coupon, but it's better than nothing ... and it can be used on multiple items.

  38. I just read on the Fiskateer's site that the next summer CHA will be held in Florida and will open to consumers as well as retailers! I don't find any official info about this on the CHA site, so I'm not sure how accurate it is.

    It doesn't look like we're going to be as lucky here on the west coast. The Winter 2009 CHA convention, which will be held in Anaheim again this year, is not open to consumers. The official Winter 2009 CHA page says, "This Convention & Trade Show is for the trade only. Individuals who cannot document their direct professional affiliation will not be admitted."

    Bummer. Maybe they'll open it up to consumers Winter 2010.

  39. I can't even begin to imagine the fun y'all have had ! Wow..a road trip!

    It must be totally overwhelming to attend a CHA...all that schtuff! Good schtuff at that!

    I'm sure you will be exhausted when you get back!

    Patty 2832

  40. Oh..Disney make and takes...hmm..

    how about a Castle pic frame? Or an ornament?

    patty 2832

  41. Hope you had fun at CHA...hope you wore great walking shoes cuz everybody's talking about how bad their feet hurt!

    Why not do a simple keychain with 3 mickey chipboard shaped heards? Similar to the Maya Road chipboards

    KateB (Fiskateer # 4529)

  42. Anonymous12:15 AM

    hope you had fun a CHA.. I'm sure you did. with all that excitment, you must have been bushed, Mariah #2457

  43. Hope you had an awesome time at CHA and the ride home is going quickly.

    Did you win any cool stuff at CHA?
    I'm so bummed, Memory Makers gave away the new Friendship book - I was one number away from winning. :( SO disappointed.

    Can't wait to see all the make & takes you did, and hear about all the new stuff.

    Disney make and take - could you adjust a dog chipboard book or cat (the Maya road ones) to look like Micky mouse ears (like head with Micky ears)? Then fill the book. I think that'd be adorable...a child's head wearing Micky Mouse ears as the mini book.

  44. I was browsing through a site called Craft Critique, looking at the new CHA releases. I came across something new by Prima, felt "gates." I fell in love as soon as I saw them. Did you see them in person?

    I hope you had a great time at CHA. I expect we'll be hearing from you on the Fiskateers site very soon.

  45. I would suggest an autograph book, those are a big hit in the parks
    I am a huge Disney freak and I think that would be great
    Anything combining the black white red and yellow

    However, you could do princess colors in blue and pink

    I hope you had a great trip!

  46. You won a slice! How cool is that! I agree, I'd rather they get the bugs worked out first before sending them...much easier for you then.

    My goodness...the sneak peaks that were around all weekend. SO many new and wonderful things coming out!

    I'll bet you'll have some tales to tell when you get back!

  47. Anonymous9:20 PM

    I heard you had fun at CHA, you can have fun anywhere Debby, you are that type of person, that can enjoy anything anywhere.. I can't wait to see what you will create with all your pictures from CHA..Mariah #2457

  48. My gosh I just last night realized how BIG that new STamp Factory thing is! Wowzers...that's gonna be fantastic! Really great for mass producing cards! ...which I hope to do my own Christmas cards this years!

    Did you get a new hat while at CHA, Debby! Hope so! Looking forward to some great pics!

    Happy Wednesday?!


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