My Continuing Photo Journal of CHA

Summer CHA
My Product Pick
This Mini-Album was made with "gluefoil" by Streuter Technologies, Inc.
Sudie is going to teach me how to do this. In person this was way over the top.
This Boo Boo was created by Robin Beam and can be found at PearlEsq.
I'm in love with Pink Paislee.

More Pink Paislee.

Pixee Stix! Everyone wants these! So cool.

Fiskateer Betty was the first Fiskateer to find me.
I met mellypea from Two Peas in a Bucket at the Pink Paislee Booth!
Fiskateer Carrie in a crafting contest with Mark Montano. although she took second place her shirt art was truly #1. No kidding. The voting was done by screams and I guess I just didn't scream loud enough. But everyone said hers was the BeSt.
Mark Montano
My Friend and newest Fiskateer with Glitz. Shannon fell in love with Glitz Paper.

My Scrapbooking News

Check out Moxie. Such a funny story. I love Moxie and wanted to stop by their booth at CHA for a Moxie T-Shirt. As I was talking with the owner / designer of Moxie someone walked up to the booth with a Moxie T-shirt on and started a chant....."Moxie, Moxie, I've got Moxie. I've got Moxie how 'bout you?" Then she pointed to me. I'm game since I'm crazy as can be at CHA. So I repeated the chant and pointed to another lady who had just come up wearing a Moxie T-shirt. In turn she repeated the Moxie Chant. Now folks I thought we were just having a lot of fun.

Here's the scoop. Earlier in the day after Moxie had their giveaways the owner had said that if someone could get someone unaware to repeat the chant that person and the unenlightened one would receive the line of their choice of Moxie. I knew nothing. After the chant everyone in the booth was laughing their heads off. The owner literally put her head under the table in disbelief. I was standing there thinking this was just some good ole' fun.

They finally told me the story. I remember the owner saying "That'll teach me." And laughing. They told me to pick out a line I liked. Here is where I get the shock of my life. I pick out a line, give Moxie my business card. She came back and said do you really want all that as a designer? I did not understand. She asked me if I would like equal value in kits? Well, I liked the paper. I thought I was getting a pack of paper with one or two sheets of the line. NOOOOOOO. I won the whole package deal. 25 sheets of everything! When they meant the whole line they meant the whole retailers package. HOLY COW! I was laughing and crying. I chose the kits since I teach. But this was the most fun I'd ever had just being me!!!
You can also see my name and projects over at PaperCrazy. They have been holding a month (or more) long challenge. I won Challenge 2, 3, 4 and the GRAND PRIZE! I'm so very excited. I met Yvonne during CHA and spent time with her talking. I love her. She is so proud of the design team and share their work with me. It was a fun fun time.
Okay, one more then I will quit. LOL I am the guest blogger for Australia/New Zealand Fiskateers. Here are the links to my projects:
Canvas Mini-Book
Card one
Card two
And there's more to come!

Gratitude List:
1. I did not hurt myself too much doing my daughter's cake! I'm blessed with a wonderful daughter.
2. Support from people all around me.
3. Bob, Ruth, Sudie, Nan
4. Fiskars and their faith in me.
5. My Father who's love is unconditional blows me away.


  1. LOL that picture of Shannon at the Glitz booth is priceless.
    Love seeing your recap

  2. What a great story! Love seeing the pictures!

  3. Wow. what a great story! And what a super fantabulous win!! You really made out at CHA!

  4. What a fun post and story! I saw some of the new Pink Paislee in person - to die for!

  5. Wow! You really came out a winner at CHA. Good for you!

  6. OK, so I want to come and see that first book you showed here IRL!! WOWIE! LOVE your take on CHA!

  7. That's a fun story about Moxie! Yay for you!

  8. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Congrats on your fabulous Moxxie win Debby!!! Renae Clark (Moxxie girl)

  9. Debby:

    So glad you liked the book! I'm working on a step out I hope to have next week. Can you send me a copy of that pic? I don't even have a decent one!

    Inky Hugs,


  10. great blinkies, great stories and great photos. You are so fun!


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