The Party's Over .. Last entry for CHA

I wanted to add one last entry as a odds/ends or just plain fun we had. Everything and Everyone was great at CHA! I have to say we stayed at Quality Inn 5 miles away. I was not looking forward to that. But they provided shuttle service 24 hours a day. They were prompt, helpful, carried our heavy luggage...even the last day of CHA..., I would call late after a reception or social and our chariot was awaiting. 5 Thumbs up for the staff at Quality Inn in Elk Grove!

You know, I can remember the name of the company...if you know post it in comments and I'll update the blog. But all these items are decorated with decorative packing tape. I am so not kidding. It was wonderful to see and to watch as they easily decorated any thing in just minutes. Very cool.
Quick Quotes is one of my favorite classes to take at CKC. So I could not help but to go to their booth and enjoy visiting.
Folks, eyelets and brads are still in.

Okay, Bo Bunny out did themselves with Beau Jardin. I loved this paper. I'll be teaching a class in September using this line. It is sooooo cool.
Little Yellow Bicycle had a very neat make-n-take.
Maya Road can only Rock the House.

Ranger. Look at the wonderful stamps and inks on this. I'm in love.

Shannon and I were responsible for packing it up and loading the van. There were five of us ladies. But we managed every piece of luggage! Nothing was left behind.

I didn't say it would be easy.

Let me add you have to go see this company. I didn't get photos, but here is their website with their paper line. Mollie and Mac. It is awesome paper. They two ladies are wonderful and have put their hearts into this paperline and company. Check out their blog and leave them a comment. Share the love also with others. I think you won't be disappointed. Mollie & Mac Product Line. Mollie and Mac Blog.

Bye...see you in Anaheim.

Gratitude List:
1. Friends I made at CHA
2. A computer that works
3. Friends who come to the rescue
4. Focus
5. God who cares about everything we do.


  1. Sudie9:20 AM

    Is that booth Fancy That?

  2. Thanks you made it seem like I was almost there!

  3. I loved Mollie and Mac's papers too, along with that decorative tape!

  4. Thanks Debby I have so enjoyed your pics from is almost like I was really there...I love the make and take from Yellow Bicycle and Maya Road is just amazing aren't they...

  5. How funny that car photo is! Looks like a blast!

  6. Wow! That is a LOT of luggage for five people! I would have been afraid to stand next to it all for fear of getting crushed.

    I'm about an hour's drive from Anaheim. I won't be able to attend CHA, I don't qualify and wouldn't be able to afford it if I did. But maybe there will be a non-CHA Fiskateer gathering for lunch or dinner that I could attend. I'd love to meet a few die-hard Fiskateers in person!


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