Quickie!! Well, not So Quick

I just want to TOOT BIG......

My article on Fiskars Punches and three of my projects are now on Scrapbooking.com. Excited, excited!

Punch Magic

I got the word yesterday that I won the Week #2 Challenge at Paper Crazy. It's not too late for you jump in and have some fun with these challenges. I got very excited because I won due to my design and for a Designer it's the highest of praise.

I have another article coming out soon with Scrapbooking.com with my son J and his teachers. Jami and the gang at Scrapbooking.com have been great! I highly recommend it as a great read, great ideas, and to learn a ton about scrapbooking and paper projects. Check it out.

The new Fiskateer Board is up with BUGS. The board is beautiful and I'm having fun playing, but with all the "bugs" everyone is not on playing. Here is a before and after shot of the blog banner:

Do You Want to Be A FiSkAteeR? Go to Fiskateer.com . Click on "How To Join." Then click on one of the photos of a Lead Fiskateer. They will give you the "secret password" to become a Fiskateer. It is absolutely the greatest of places!! Tell 'em Debby 2852 sent you!!!

While I was trying to get on the new board for Fiskateers I made this to "pass the time." LOL

The clock reads "time 4 fiskateers love." I love the rub-on on the hands of the clock. You can see it, but the outside has a ribbon tied around it with a flower hanging from the end. It's so cute. It will be hanging in my newly designed studio.

I have been working off and on all day to get this post posted. I did take some time to go over to Noell Hyman's Paperclippings for her Tuesday Live broadcast. I haven't been before live. I called in right off the bat, not knowing what I was doing. LOL So Noell and I talked live on her show. She is such a sweetheart. She also did a giveaway and my name came up. I so love it. I can't wait to get hold of the tutorial for the school book. It looks amazing.

Bailey (my doxie) has a new friend. You can see him playing with his friend!!! You might want to go down, on the right hand side and turn the music off before watching the little video.

Gratitude List:

1. my friend Nan and how well we work together

2. my Sudie

3. Bob...hopefully he'll keep me straight

4. Answered prayer

5. God loving me to pieces!


  1. Hi Debby. Congratulations on your article & projects in the magazine. I have a subscription so I'll keep my eye out for them. Also glad to hear that you can get on the Fiskateers site. I'm one of those who can't :(
    Oh well, at least I can still access your blog.

  2. I'm also one who can't get on the site. It doesn't accept my login. I clicked on the "forgot password" link and it took me to a dead page. I sent an email to amabassadors@fiskateers.com and it bounced back.

    I emailed Cheryl, who got back to me saying that things were buggy. So, I tried again today.

    It still won't take my login. I clicked on "forgot password" and got an email with a link. I changed my password and it still won't let me in.

    I am debating what I'll do. I might rejoin. I might give up. After all, I'm already spread pretty thin on the Internet as it is. In the meantime, I'll get a chance to see how bad the Fiskateer withdrawls are.

    BTW, Debby. I am REALLY glad that you caught a picture of the outgoing gals on the "away" page. I wish I had thought about doing that!

  3. Yes, congratulations! With all your enthusiasm for the Fiskateers..I can totally see you as being voted as a lead the next time around!

    I've Memoirily Tagged you on my blog...super easy..hope you can play!

  4. congratulations on the article! :D


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