Where Do I Start?

A Photo Journal of my trip to CHA, Chicago.
Cheryl, Lead Fiskateer with my long overdue hug!
Fiskateer Paula
One of my top favs: Heidi Grace
Awesome Designers from Lil' Davis. Brain is such a good sport.
Fiskateer LOVE
I so won!

I can't post everything at once unless I write a book. CHA! WOW! WONDERFUL! I was a kid in a candy store. So many new paper lines and products. Great ideas and designs. New friends. AGH..........I wanted to never end. I'll try and share a little over the next week or so.
I loved the comments. Everyone did a great job keeping me up on everything. Thanks for all the ideas concerning the Disney Make-n-Take.
Winner of the RAK is .............
"Michelle said...
CHA is in chicago. I am going to try to get down one day next weekend. It's a short hop from Milwaukee...New in the cyber world? I have a blog!!! www.ticketbelle.blogspot.comI'm so excited :)"
Send me your snail mail address and I'll get the RAK in the post on Monday. I have a total of three RAKS going out on Monday, so if you haven't gotten your RAK yet it will be coming soon to a mail box near you.
SO ask me some questions about CHA. I'll add the answers to the photo journal as I post over the next week. So many things were happening that it's hard to know where to start. So help me start.
There are so many great things happening in my life right now and I want to share it all with you. Give me the week to share all things CHA and Debby's Dare.
Gratitude List:
1. Safety
2. Deepening friendships
3. Creativity that abounds all around us.
4. Generosity
5. God's Love and His ability to enable us to forgive even the most grievous of acts (This is not a reference to anything at CHA.)


  1. The photos look great! You are going to have to start a separate Fiskars Friends scrapbook!

    Congrats on winning the Rock, Paper, Scissors trimmer. Everyone is wanting that toy and you are one of the VERY FIRST to get it! Woo-hoo!! That one is super pretty, too. Although I must say that speakers in a trimmer is a little weird. LOL

    Questions You never should have asked. I have lots of questions.
    Other than the Fiskars trimmer, stamper and squeeze punches, what were the hot new items (Fiskars & non-Fiskars) that people were going ga-ga over?

    What colors are "fashionable" for this season? That is, were there any color combos that you saw over and over?

    Did you happen to see the going price on those Prima felt gates? (yeah, like you were there in accountant mode. LOL)

    Finally, before I run out of room, what did you order?????

  2. Melissa...I'll post the answers to those questions a little later today! Thanks

  3. Yay! You're back! I'm glad you had a great time. Was there ever any doubt? ;)

  4. Hey girl it was a pleasure meeting you ! and congrats on your new fab trimmer win.... Luv the pics and glad you had an awesome time !!!!

    Hugs, Norma

  5. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Debby did you win that paper trimmer??? I soooo envy you.. LOL.. no I don't , you deserve something so special, for all your inspiration.. and hard work,, I guess your the first to get this special item,, and I know you will get lots of use out of it... enjoy...Mariah #2457


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