Friday's Trip to Charleston

My mother and I had a wonderful time in Charleston this past Friday. We visited the Boone Plantation. There is a significant amount of history attached to this plantation, the saddest you will see are the slave quarters. There was some fun recent history. If you saw the mini-series North and South with Patrick Swazye...this is Ore's house. You can see the long entry way and just imagine him galloping home after the war. That was exciting. The trees there are the oldest in Charleston. The original land and house was deeded to James Boone during the time of King Charles of England. His grandson was to become South Carolina's first Governor. The plantation has produced through the years cotton, indigo, pecans, and bricks. At one point they had 6,300 acres mostly planted with pecan trees. Unreal. A few are still standing today.

Although I'm not getting the work (scrapbooking) done that I need to, I'm counting these trips and events as a time to stock up on photos! It took some real timing and real driving, but Sudie and I got to meet up for a moment.

I did complete the Make-n-Take from Pink Paislee. PP had a make-n-take at CHA that was over the top. BUT they ran out. So if you placed an order (my store owner did) you could purchase the kit. Woozier! I have had fun today putting it together. Here are the photos. Excuse the fact I don't have the last jump ring on it. It's stuck and hubby wasn't home at the time I was doing this.

Isn't it fun! Pink Paislee out did themselves.

I have a wonderfully busy week ahead for me.

~~~I'm teaching all day next Saturday.

~~~I'm finishing up my paperwork and lesson outline for the Leisure Center. I'm going to be teaching twice a week at the Lexington Leisure Center throughout the month of October. After that I'll see how it goes.

~~~I'm getting my Fiskars training classes organized for Florida.

~~~I'm teaching at AC Moores a very nice stamping project.

~~~I'm also teaching a technique class at Pages from the Heart.

~~~Sudie and I are getting ready for a craft show at the end of November and we have a lot of work ahead of us for that.

Somewhere in there I'm having a birthday ... along with my daughter-in-law, my daughter, and my favorite cousin! And I'm suppose to take a two days of classes from Wendy Vecchi at the end of the month. I need to schedule time to breathe somewhere in there!!

Did you see my layout on Studio 490? I love Wendy and she is kind to place my layout on her blog and call me a "guest artist." I'm so far from an artist. But I hope to be one day. Here is the layout. Make sure to stay up with Wendy on Studio 490. She might be coming to teach somewhere near you. If not, she shows many inspirational pieces and explains how to do them on her blog.

Sudie's unKit broadcast is Monday night at 9:30 pm EST. Get there early to sign in as traffic is high. September's unKit is out and it is based on Scrap Pink. The unKit is beautiful. Check out the ning site for the closest look and you can order it through unKit. I've decided since the scrapbooking community is focusing on Breast Cancer Awareness in September I would continue to give away Pink Rain Dots for any one who schedules their mammogram during the month of September. Just leave a comment here with the date and time. Then send me your snail mail address so I can send you the Rain Dots.

Fisk-a-teers is holding a (F)CIA mystery guest chat at 9:30 also....but that's why Bill Gates created Windows. So we can do more than one thing at a time! LOL

Tim Holtz has his September Technique up on this blog. It is a wonderfully magic technique on using your inks to do watercolor. Go see. It's beautiful.

Noel Mignon has a fun challenge on her blog. I love her music. I often scrap to her selections. They are usually so upbeat and fun.

UPCOMING: Mom completed her first scrapbook page! She did very well. I'll post a photo of it when I update next.

Winner of Scrap Pink Apron and T-Shirt: is is is is is is (mom picked the number this time)

" hf52771 said...
What a wonderful blog! I will be forwarding this to a bunch of girlfriends, I promise!Not sure if my insurance covers a mammogram under 40...but you can bet I'm gonna call and check TODAY!Keep my girlfriends husband in your thoughts and prayers, he is one of those rare men who have found a lump and has HIS mammogram appointment next week. His mother has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, so they are quite concerned.Oh, and BIG congratulations for winning first prize WAHOO!~Heather"

Congratulations Heather. Please updated us on your husband's visit. My prayers are with you and your husband. Send me your snail mail address and I'll get this in the mail Tuesday!

Gratitude List:

1. Saftey of my family in Florida

2. Wonderful times with my Mom

3. Scrapbooking with Mom

4. God's divine hand in my life during this time with my mother.

5. God's desire to show me His love for others.


  1. Hey, it's adrienne from Fiskateers! I wanted to stop by and thank you for the comment on the layout! :D

    I love pink paislee too! :D

  2. Anonymous8:18 AM

    You did a great job with the Pink Paislee album! I was just admiring the one on's blog!!

  3. Great album and I would love to see that house someday- North and south is one of my fav miniseries!

  4. Love the house shaped albums!

  5. I have a Pecan tree growing that came from there..:O)
    Love the PICS!!! I Love the house album too!!!


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