I'm Still Out on the Town

Mom is still keeping me busy. We are heading here tomorrow.

Biltmore Estates, Ashville, North Carolina

I'm looking forward to many photo opportunities. I've been so many times and I always find something new and exciting. This is mom's first time, so it will be fun to see it through her eyes!

I Still Have News! I've just been so busy I haven't been able to fix everything up for the unveiling of the news. LOL I can't wait to share, I've just been having fun with my mom!

Here are a few Vacation Bible School photos.

Ruth working with the fish. Now I believe in calling a dead fish and dead fish, but Ruth said just call it a fish!

My Friend Kathy in the Market Place with her daughter.

We did some fish painting...Literally! I took a DEAD fish. Painted him/her up nicely. Put a canvas bag over the top of the DEAD fish and pressed down slightly and rubbed the canvas bag with the DEAD fish underneath! I loved the look. It was a great first try. I can't wait to find more DEAD fish and paint again! LOL

Vacation Bible School at our church is as much fun for the adults working as it is for the kids learning!

Gratitude List:

1. Safety for my mom and me while she drives me around.

2. My foot beginning to feel better.

3. Prayer Warriors

4. Friends, Friends, Friends

5. My Best Friend, Jesus Christ!


  1. OH, I got to go to the Biltmore Estates a couple years ago when we were there visiting! Amazing place! I don't know if I should say I love your fish print or hate it cause I just think of the feel of it all!!

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