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Strange Friends
My fiska-friend Rita W. (a great and wonderful talent...check out her blog) tagged me! I love these things.

The challenge is to list 6 random facts about myself and/or or 7 strange things about about myself. I will tag 6 others and you have a choice to list either 6 random facts about yourself, or 7 strange things about yourself. Can’t combine though –as it makes it too easy. (LOL)
Six Random Facts About Me:
1. I've traveled the world
2. I hold an Associates Degree in Business, a Bachelors Degree in Ministry, and a Masters Degree in Christian Education.
3. I made my first scrapbook when I was nine years old living in Weisbaden, Germany.
4. My-to-be husband and I met in Biology Class our senior year of High School.
5. I was born in Texas!
6. I will only wear Haynes ankle socks!
7 Strange Things About Me:
(LOL I think my friends and family could do this one better than I could)
1. I hate my kitchen...I don't like to cook or clean the kitchen. Thank goodness for a hubby that doesn't mind doing it.
2. I have curly toes!
3. I have a passion for peanut butter
4. Only the number on the box knows my real hair color (LOL)
5. I've eaten Rudolf while I was in Finland
6. I can order tickets for 7 people in Russian
7. Really and truly love cleaning my studio.
Whew! That's not as easy as it sounds.
I tag...
unKit Sudie at Simply Sudie
Awesome, Awesome Nat from Scrapbook-Trends
Too Cool Michelle from Faeirie Dust Dreams
Sweet Sweet Shere at Life in the Scrap Lane
Our wild and crazy Mary at Cricut Crazy
Our Great Lead-er Angela Daniels at Spider-Girl's Web
Fun stuff. I'll be back tomorrow to post two really great layouts. Also check out Studio 490 with Wendy Vecchi. I think you will find a surprise there!
Gratitude List:
1. Mom's going with me to my training session in Florida (TA)
2. A new teaching adventure in my hometown.
3. Helping Hands
4. Time with Mother
5. God's provision for a great mother and time to learn that she is.
REmembER If you posted that you scheduled your mammogram for September you need to send me your snail mail address so I can send you your Pink Rain Dots! DeborahL591@yahoo.com
Also remember the Scrap Pink RAK going on HERE. Get your friends invovled to help you have more chances to win! They get recieve Pink Rain Dots to for scheduling their mammogram for September and posting here.


  1. thanks for tagging me! I have not been tagged in a while!

  2. So funny that you found out you were tagged before I even told you! (LOL) Also funny that you used W for my last initial rather than S - which it is now, but before I was married it was a W - you must have a sixth sense girl!

  3. I Hope I did it right..LOLOLOL I get lost if I have to do over a paragraph...HAHAHA


  4. Ah ... high school sweethearts. You two have been together for a long time. And he cooks and cleans? What a keeper!


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