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I'm very excited to let my friends know that I am now officially designing for "on the dot." This is an absolute fabulous manufacture and Rebecca Lemmon is so very sweet. Their paper line is extraordinary. I just received a few lines this past Friday and I can't wait to start cutting and creating. Here is a scan of part of paper (not the whole sheet). This gives you a closeup look at this fabulous paper.

This is part of the lemonade & blue jeans - raspberry lemonade and stars and strips forever collection. I wanted you to see the distressed part of the paper. This is a good weight cardstock and the colors are wonderful. I will be posting throughout August and September close ups of the paper and a few projects! Go to on the dot and look at the yet to be released Autumn collection. Wow, does not cover it. I'm so very excited about my new design job with on the dot and working with Rebecca. Please know I'll be giving a few RAKs away along the way of my new journey. So be watchful. Whoo Hoo...someone hold me down.

Momma's Here

We went to the Biltmore Estate Saturday and had the time of our lives. Mom and I got along so great and I loved every moment of being with her. It is an honor to have a mother like this special lady. Here are a few photos.

I have some photos of some of the most beautiful flowers, but I'll wait until later to get them posted.

Today we celebrated mom's 70th Birthday. 70! She doesn't look 60 yet! She is truly beautiful and takes very good care of herself. Here's some B-Day photos (her birthday is actually Friday, but I'll be at CKC.)

Fun Days. Mom is going to Charleston tomorrow and Tuesday with her granddaughter. This will give me a chance to catch up on my scrapbooking work and get ready for CKC this THURSDAY. I know I will be busy. And I still have to get my son ready for school.

Thanks for everyone's support and prayers....keep it coming. I've added comment moderation to my blog as it seems like I might a few folks who want to express themselves in less than a positive manner. I'll be checking regularly and updating the comments. This will not affect our Debby's Dares as far as when you commented. Everything is time stamped. I'm still shooting for that magical 10,000 unique visitors mark. Keep it coming guys. I'll try to keep it fun.

Gratitude List:

1. 70 years for my mother

2. a great visit

3. my friends at home and on the net

4. folks who really care

5. my loving Father's caring and love for me.


  1. Wow.. Debby your mom still looks so young, you look like her , you could pass for twins.. yout photos are very nice..Mariah #2457

  2. Anonymous11:07 PM

    WOW.. Debby your mom still looks so young. You look like her too,your pictures are very nice..Mariah #2457

  3. Debby I can not believe your Mother is 70 she looks much younger. . . and that cake is to die for.

    Congratulations on your new spot on the Design team and I am looking forward to see what you create from the pretty paper!

  4. Your mom's birthday celebration looked great. That cake looked especially yummy.
    A big congratulations on your design team job! Way to go!!

  5. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Cindy Fiskateer #20597:37 AM

    Congrats, Debby!!

  7. wow! congrats on being on a mgr's dt. they are lucky to have you. love the pps.
    What a yummy looking cake!

  8. Wow, great pictures! Congratulations!
    No way does your Mom look her age, what is her secret?

  9. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Congrats on the design team!!!! Your mom looks great.

  10. Congrats on your design gig! You are right, your mom looks amazing.

  11. congrats on your new design gig! so neat you and your mom have such a good relationship!

  12. Congrats on the new paper company to play with! I hadn't heard of them but I'll be keeping my eyes open for what you create!

  13. congrats on your new design job! and happy birthday to your beautiful mom!

  14. OO WOW that is so GREAT Debby!!
    I love those colors.. Just Love them..Your mom is beautiful U r a very Lucky Lady..OO and I love Biltmore Love it!!!CAnt wait to see the flowers

  15. Congratulations! And I love the pic of you and your mom, you both look beautiful!


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