Encouragement comes from all different directions. It comes from people, events, even something as simple as watching the leaves dance in the wind. I was enjoying the overcast sky and the breeze outside Saturday when a gust came along and the leaves on the ground went into this beautiful dance. It was but a small moment, but encouraged me greatly.

Encouragement is not always the "pat you on the back" type of thing. I'm encouraged by seeing others succeed and honored. I'm encouraged when I see my children making good everyday decisions. I'm encouraged when the leaves turn from green to red and back to green. Encouragement is a hug, someone picking up the phone to call you to say hello, it is your pup meeting you at he back door, it is a rainbow or newly fallen snow.

Encouragement, we all need it and certainly we want it if sincerely given.

Do you know someone who has had a rough time, has been sick, financial struggling? Do you know a shut-in, a person who lives alone, and international student far from home? What about someone you pass in the craft store, grocery store, toy store? Maybe it is someone you sit in church with and you just don't know what it happening in their life and heart. Someone NEEDS YOU.

I declare this Encouragement Week! I Dare you to find that person that needs you and encourage them with a word, a deed, a gift, a card, or a smile and act of kindness. Encourage at least one different person everyday this week. The prize for this DARE? Your friendships that deepen and your own satisfaction of spreading good will and encouragement.

I have loads of friends that I want to encourage. I'm making a few calls today. I have a disabled neighbor and I think they could use a break from trying to cook meals. All those cards I make for challenges, I'm not going to keep them. It's time they were mailed to encourage someone else.

Boy, am I deep today. I guess we all need encouragement.

Here is a little encouragement for everyone. This is my friends grand baby. I used Wendy Jo Avey's sketch to create this layout. Everything is Cloud 9 from Fiskars.If you have a minute, click on the "Follow" and sign up to be a follower of Debby's Dare or to sign up for email when I update with the RSS feed.

Gratitude List
1. Encouragement
2. Ruth, Bob, and my Sudie
3. Graciousness in the face of a busy holiday season
4. Food, God so graciously put on our table
5. God's love that extend beyond what I deserve.


  1. I love this post...and it's never a bad idea to help someone feel better.

  2. I love this post...it never hurts to make someone feel better.

  3. I love this post...it never hurts to make someone feel better.

  4. What a fabulous idea Debby! I love it! That layout is adorable too. Love the circles and that sweet picture.

  5. Debby, this is a wonderful idea! I love your layout. It is absolutely adorable. :)

    BTW, I am now a blog follower. ;)

  6. Did I leave the link?


  7. Beautiful LO....

    and because I adore coming over to see what your up to I've decided to give you an award - check out my blog for more details.



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