Just a Little Low Rider fun!

It's not a great Video, but I wanted to have a little fun while I was waiting for that magical 100th comment so I can send out a few fun RAKS. I'm already planning for a biggy (if all goes well) for the month of December!

1. Demo Opportunities
2. Cool Weather
3. Beauty of God's creation
4. God's belief in ME
5. The season of giving and love


  1. Karen 34418:45 AM

    You do have a great blog, I enjoy checking it out! Karen 3441

  2. Got to love those low riders!

  3. What happened to the video - It's no longer available.

    So now you will be 17 comments away from 100.... wish I could have seen the video though.

  4. Oops and thank you for explaining about seeing the Unkit!

  5. Your puppy is 2 cute :=)

  6. Mom said you are still shot on posts!! I'm shocked
    Cicly #1835

  7. Love the dog -- great theme music!

  8. Loooks like a sweet dog...and he is a low rider.

  9. That is such a cute video of your low rider! Love that happy tail how cute is that!

  10. Anonymous5:20 PM

    This is so funny....my 4 year old absolutley loved it...great song choice!!
    Sarah 1097

  11. his bark scared me! I had my volume too high by accident! Is your dog mixed with Australian cattledog?

    Kate (F4529) :)

  12. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Great Job Debbie,I love the video.from Michelle in Fort Walton


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