Our Fearless Lead

Our Wendy Jo Avey, one of the Five Leads for the Fiskateer for the Fiskateer community in conjunction with Fiskars put on one of the biggest bashes on earth. You've seen my weekend of pure fun, Friendzy, and surprise. This is the person who put it together. This is just one of the many things she does for the Fiskateer Community and I'm happy to add her to my list of wonderful friends.

Well, this is my last post for the Hershey, PA event. I'll probably take a day or two off from blogging and rest my head and heart. This was the wildest day of my life and I've yet to sit down and soak it all in. What is incredible about it all is in one day I have developed some very deep and close friends from this event.

I have to tell you that I share the title of Fiskateer of the Year 2008 with two amazing, talented, and giving women: Laura Casey and Julie Overby. Laura was first named FOY about two weeks ago, I received my honor one week ago, and Julie was just honored yesterday. With a community as giving, loving, supportive, creative, and encouraging as Fiskateers there is no way there can only be one FOY 2008. I'm honored to share the title with two of the greatest people I know. I'm truly humbled to be counted among them.

I'll announce the two RAK winners in the next day or two IF we have 100 comments. So go back to the original post and count for me. If we are short then buzz your friends to come on over and post a comment. We have to hit one hundred comments before the RAK is awarded!

I have special plans for RAKS and Challenges throughout the holiday seasons. I hope to have some fun holiday inspiration also.

Two Peas in a Bucket is holding weekly Stamping Classes. I loved the one with masking and reverse masking. It was very helpful and exciting to learn. Check it out.

Gratitude List:
1. Hugs
2. Warm sweaters
3. Understanding and Love
4. The beginning of the Celebration of the Birth of Christ
5. God's unending Love


  1. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Great slide show Debby.
    Looks like a fun time was had by ALL.
    Debbie #4668

  2. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Great slide show Debby
    Looks like a fun time was
    had by ALL.
    Debbie #4668

  3. She is super isn't she? Glad all of you had such a great time.

  4. I love learning new things-thanks for all the neat info.

  5. Awesome slide show...sounds like a really wonderful time!!

  6. sweet post. Good luck on your 100.

  7. Thanks for posting your gratitude list. I need to do the same.

  8. You always find the best music to go with your blog posts!! Thanks for putting together such a wonderful tribute to wendy jo!!

    Sarah #3020

  9. Love the pictures and the Gratitudes list!!!

  10. There's our girl. Wendy Jo is one special person in my heart along with many of the other girls I met in Hershey.

  11. Congrats on your honor!!! It is truly amazing!

  12. Anonymous10:49 PM

    So glad you had fun. Congrats on FOTY, Debbie!

    Fisk #1823

  13. Glad you had a great time. It looks like it was a blast! Your blog header makes me want chocolate. Love the gratitude list too.

  14. Still trying to get to 100 posts...

  15. Karin # 4472 has sent me over to help push your blog to 100 comments.

    Great slide show.

  16. How fun! I love all the pictures and congrats again! =)


  17. Seems like everyone had so much fun. Great slide show.
    Congrats on your honor, you deserve it.
    Karen Sue #3609

  18. Great slides Debby I am trying to catch up today on getting all my blogs looked at. . . when I should be thinking about what I need to pack for the Queen Mary. . . thanks for sharing all your pictures it was so cool to see all those goings on.


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