What Do You Collect?

I was blog surfing a couple of days ago and ran across May Flaum's blog Confessions of a Chocoholic. She has a beautiful photo of a tea cup. I started looking around my house to remember all the things I have collected through the years. Oh, my goodness I've collected and my husband has collected so many things. Now, this is not counting all the scrapbook products I have collected for the last 6 years. LOL

Inspired by May I thought I would post a few of my tea cups that I collect. The aqua colored tea cup is from Ruth's (one of my bf) mother. Ruth told me they were hand crafted in Japan and a gift from some of her mother's friends from Japan. The white with pink roses are well over 35 years old. My mother purchased these in Germany when I was a smmmmmall child. They are bone china made in Germany. She gave me the whole set of china! Way to go, mom. The demitask cup is a beautiful gift from the same Ms. Ruth. I so love my cups and she picked this one up just for me. It is a beautiful tea cup.

I'll share a few other collectibles in the next few blog posts.

What do you collect (other than scrapbooking products lol)? What inspires you to collect it? I love my tea cups because it reminds me of when I lived in Europe the importance of tea and the elegance it would bring to you. Leave a comment. If you have a photo, post it on your blog and leave your link here or if you do not have a blog you can send the photo to DeborahL591@yahoo.com and I'll post it here. Leave an explanation in the comment section.

Scrappy Happenings

Check out Ali's blog. OMgoodness, Simplifying + Organizing for the Holidays : A Recap of Comments is outstanding and a must read for everyone.

Check out unKit for November's unKit and it can be purchased @ Creative Dreams Studio. There is a secret code on unKit to receive free shipping. You can put together a kit for your favorite scrapbooker for Christmas. Let me know if you need any help putting together something special for that special scrapper.

Have you checked out Leah's Desktop Dictionary? These videos are just as entertaining as they are educational. With Donna and Johanna the three make scrapbooking and papercrafting look so easy and a ton of fun.

Recently Crystal Jeffrey Rieger of Memory Makers Master 2007 was a guest on the chat boards with the Fiskateers. I've been following Crystal's blog for a bit know and was really excited that she was coming to Fiskateers...but I was busy doing CFD work so I missed it. You can follow this exciting and very real crafter at her blog. Memory Makers with Crystal Jeffrey Rieger.

I hope you have fun checking out these links. I have fun visiting these sites and are among many of my favorites.

Gratitude List:

1. photos!!

2. Good people

3. my family and yours

4. my blessings

5. God's heart.


  1. I got mine Posted..:O)

  2. Beautiful collection of teacups! I collect Willow Tree Angels--love what they represent. I also have a Pandora bracelet and I love the charms because they are meaningful to me and my life!

  3. Hi Debby! I collect vintage postcards-- a cheap, easily packable souvenir when I'm on vacation. I used to collect writing paper, too, before I had kids and no longer had time to penpal!

  4. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Debby you won't believe this .. but I love Pens,, any shape and size, whenever my DH comes home from a meeting, he has to hide his pens . that he gets at the meeting.. or else they are in my colection.. I don't know why.. but I've loved pens . since I was old enough to hold one....mariah#2457


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