50 is Magical

What a Party! I'm surrounded with Tim Holtz products and boxes! I'll be cleaning up my Birthday Party for a few days!

While we were partying this weekend I received a great birthday gift. My husband brought in the mail and there were several magazines in the pile. We were going through them, "Adam's, Adam's, Adam's.....{{{Scream}}}}." MINE! On page 82...the whole page...is my canvas of my uncles when they were young in Somerset Memories. I did a happy dance all over the house and I'm still a bit giddy. My son's fiancee thought I had lost it. It's been a long time scrappy dream.

If that's not enough I also received an email that Scrapbook News and Review is publishing 3 of my layouts in just a week or so. You can click on the icon on the right and it will take you there. It is an amazing magazine. I did the happy dance on that one too. Can you believe it?!? It's like being 50 is magical. I highly recommend it!

While we were partying I was also creating. I wanted to do something crazy and fun. Since I was going through all the old photos I picked this one of me up, scanned, enlarged and cut it up. I had fun with grunge, inks, Maya Road pins, Prima, Studio 490 stamps and paint. It's cool to just play sometimes.

Winners of the Celebration Birthday Party are:
1. Inks, Marla
2. Stamp Set, Regina
3. Grungepaper +, Tona
4. Grungeboard +, Lesa
5. The Hardware Store......

Mandiannie said...
Happy Birthday Debby. My sister Brenda invited me over to your blog. I didn't have a chance to come by yesterday, so I'm leaving my love today. Remember...birthdays are good for you...statistics show that the more you have the longer you'll live :)Hope you have a great day!
1:35 PM

Congratulations Mandiannie! Send your address to Deborahl591@yahoo.com.

Ooo, you should see this. Jump Create! You can not begin to imagine all the fun that Sudie, owner of unKit, is planning. Make your way over there and read it all. You will want to take full advantage of some of her ...... check it out.

Gratitude List
1. Trudi's laughter and wit in my life
2. my friends who mean the world to me
3. Vanessa, full of laughter and a loving heart
4. Peace, that definitely passes my understanding
5. God being the God of All, no surprises.


  1. Oh, Happy B-day to you! Happy B-day to you! May you feel Jesus near every day of the year! Oh, Happy B-day to you, Happy B-day to you and the best year you've ever had. (song)

    I sure hope you had a great b-day. Congrats on being published. Oh, and I would love to receive any of tims things.

    Happy b-day again.

    Fiskateer #6215

  2. Happy B-day!! and Congrats on being published - your work is so amazing!!

    Lilach Oren

  3. Congrats to you Debby for such a wonderful birthday...LOVE you as a princess!!! Also a big hearty congrats to all the winners!!!

  4. congrats on being published! :)

  5. Wow - what a exciting birthday you've had - congratulations on your publications.

  6. Sharon Bell6:12 PM

    Hi Debby looks like you had a great time with your B'day celecrations.Wish mine had been as great,but it was still nice to have the people that did come to mark my 50th there.Looking at your photo you look younger than 50.

  7. man o man...happy dancing! Since I already got pubbed in MM, Somerset Memories is next on my list to get published in...am getting ready to work on a submission for them after I finish my TH tag swap stuff (secret submission) so hopefully I will get to dance too...am glad you had a great b-day!


  8. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Birthday wishes to you....you are 2yrs younger than I and oh boy could I relate to sooooo many of those things that occured in a half century....Debbie #4668

  9. yeah!!!!!!!!!!! congrats!!! what a way to ring in a new year

  10. Congrats agian on getting published!
    Thanks for making your birthday so fun for us.


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