All About You in 52, Week 36

Being with a lot of family this weekend we were able to reminisce about all types of topics. My favorite to bring up is the telephone and "the party line." If you know what it is leave a comment and I'll pull a name for a small RAK at my next post.

We also reminisce about television shows. I have my childhood favorites. One I had almost forgotten about was the Wonderful World of Disney. It was when color television was coming into it's own. The beginning was always fireworks at Cinderella's castle with Tinkerbell adding fairy dust at the end of the opening. 6 o'clock Sunday I would be glued to the television for a 60 minute movie about animals, Disneyland or Darby O'Gill and the Little People (reruns) and later Pete's Dragon with Helen Reddy!

It was a time where there was few commercials and that color was brilliant. It was still a time of innocents and a memory to be cherished.

Question 36

"What is/are your favorite television shows?"

My Answer


The Wonderful World of color Sunday 6 pm on ABC [The Wonderful World of Color and the Wonderful World of Disney were two different shows for Disney. My reference is actually to the aspect of color television.]

Cardstock: Bazzill Swiss dot
Other paper: unknown ... part of a kit
Letters: American Craft felt Thickers and Making Memories tiny alpha
Tattered Angels chipboard.
Tattered Angels, Glimmer Mist Candy Apple Red and Cream de Chocolat
Flowers: Creative Imaginations
Tools: Circut; Fiskars Apron Lace Border Punch; Fiskars Rotary Trimmer

Week 35 winner is Mariah! Congratulations...send me your snail mail address!

Remember you can pick up All About You in 52 any time during the year. The purpose is to document YOU. No one knows you better and since you are the story keeper you need to tell your story. If you do a search in my blog you can find all 36 questions. I think when we get to 40 I might cry. I do not want to stop.

Someone mentioned that I haven't been posting on Fiskateers much this past week. This has been and is my life right now and it is WONDERFUL:

1. Debby's Dream Studio: orders, build and rebuild the website, marketing, trying hard not to open all the products when they come in and play with them!

2. My son announced his engagement this past week so we are having a wedding very soon.

3. Last Saturday we had a wonderful Fellowship of Scrapbookers crop

4. Saturday I'm hosting a Fiskateer only 24 hours straight, County Fair Crop.

5. Getting ready for several classes and events that are happening this Month

SOOOOO all this to say I haven't had the computer time I've wanted and probably won't until next week. LOL I have to schedule potty breaks.

Since I have had little computer time, YOU tell me what has been happening at the different craft blogs. Leave a comment and if you have a blog post your link and let us all visit.

Gratitude List
1. our Vanessa
2. a sweet friend for Jacob, Chelsey
3. our pastors
4. family times
5. God's wonderful design for our family


  1. LOL...yes I remember party lines! We've tried to tell the kids about it and they think it's hilarious!

    Just like phone "numbers" used to be mostly "letters" !!

  2. My aunt had a party line, and it was so darn hard to get a hold of her, LOL.

    I remember the Wonderful World of Disney. I broke my arm roller skating and I can remember my father saying something about how we'd miss 'Mary Poppins' when we went to the ER (as a joke). Luckily, the tv was tuned to the program in the ER.

    Now breaking my arm and Mary Poppins are linked.

  3. of course I remember the party line. Never knew if you would be able to use the phone or not. Always had to wonder if someone else was listening it to the conversation.

    So far behind in my all about you in 52. Hoping to some day play catch up, but not sure if that will happen.

  4. I so remember party lines. .. I remember being able to pick up the phone and ask the operator to call grandma no number needed. I also remember dial phones!

    That was one of my favorite shows when I was growing up too. . .

  5. When I was in the 6th grade, we moved from the Los Angeles area to a small mountain town. We had ten-party party lines, and each house had it's own ring, two longs and a short, three shorts, etc. After 6 minutes we got a warning beep and at 7 minutes we were disconnected! We were forever in trouble for listening in to others calls or calling our friends back several times after the seven minutes. Man, have times changed. Every kid has their own cell phone now, several phone numbers to one house! You just made me feel old again! :o)

  6. I forgot all about those! But I do remember our number - 107 - that's it, no area code, no three digit prefix. No cordless, rotary dial only. And you never knew what you'd hear when you picked up the receiver!

  7. OMGosh I remember those shows when I was a kid! Thanks for bringing back the memories! Love the layout!

  8. How funny you mention the party line because my husband had one where he lived as a child. He really isnt too old but I guess because they were so far out in the country that was all they had.

  9. Our house had a party line when I was a kid. then the main phone got it's own line and dad kept the party line for me to take to friends. I learned all the really bad words from another older girl. If she found me on her line wow what words. In Canada we had ww of Disney too but it was CBC that showed it. Yes the best show Sunday at 6. Thanks

  10. I loved Little House on the Prairie...still do!!!

    Click on my name and come to my blog!!

  11. My neighbors across the street had a party line when I was growing up.The funny part is that they had the party line with other neighbors just a few doors away from them that had a teenaged daughter. They used to fight back & forth about the amount of time the teenager was always on the phone tying up the line.

  12. Anonymous5:53 AM

    oh my gosh!!! what memories you make me jiggle loose!!! i'm crossing my eyes i win. lol sherry at since i don't know what my url

  13. Hey Debby, I sure do remember the party line, in fact we had one. I remember trying to pick up the phone quietly so that if someone else was on the line, I wouldn't disturb them. But it was really better to say excuse me and hang up, that way they knew you were waiting your turn. some folks....that didn't matter, they'd talk all day whether someone was waitig or not! lol
    Thanks for the memories. Jessica at

  14. Anonymous7:35 PM

    I remember by aunt and uncle who lived on a farm had a party line. The phone would ring and they would not answer it because it was someone else's ring. I was pretty young and couldn't figure out why someone else was talking on their phone yet the phone in there house wasn't being used....confusing.
    I too remember watching the Wonderful World of Disney as a kid and then again with my own Helen Reddy in Pete's Dragon...I completely forgot about that one. thanks for the memories.
    Debbie #4668

  15. My page is done for the week. . . you can see it here!

  16. Wow! I need to get caught up on my 52! I was getting close, but then I slipped behind again. It was a busy summer. I'm SO happy that fall has arrived.

    Yes! I have a blog and actually I'm having a giveaway this week for a hand-stenciled orange-scissor emblazoned purse-sized canvas tote I made with some neat little goodies inside. :)

    Re: Wonderful World of Disney (who didn't love it?) You can now get episodes on DVD. Very cool!

  17. Finished this week's layout! Yay!

    Oh and yes, that's a pic of me from when my hair was blue. :)

  18. Anonymous11:31 PM

    It's a week late but I did it... TFL...


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