All About You in 52, Week 39!

Weddings occupy a lot of my thoughts. We are in count down mode for Adam and Vanessa's wedding. 13 Days! Company will be descending a few days before. Bridal Shower, Bachelor party, Bachelorette party, all the last minute details! AGH.......

I wonder what Vanessa's dad is thinking right now. He's giving away his daughter. Jimmy will be giving away our daughter in a few months. Imagine trusting another man to love and honor your daughter as much as dad has cared and protected her. That is a huge leap of faith.

My dad did not do so well about giving me away. When we announced to mom and dad that we were getting married, dad asked Jimmy lots of questions. A little later that night dad cornered me and told me to make sure this is what I wanted and that Jimmy was the one I am to marry. He wasn't in the least joking. Then I learned years later that dad went down to Uncle Max's house to talk to him and he sat and cried. It is a true leap of faith to giveaway your child to another man.

FYI: Dad loved Jimmy so much. He always said Jimmy was his favorite son-in-law. When dad was in trouble with his health and there was a consideration of him going to a nursing home, dad fussed "Give me the phone. I'm calling Jimmy. He'll come get me and let me live with them!" And that was true. Jimmy opened our home up to anything dad needed.

---*If no one "gave you away" choose someone who had some advice for you on your wedding day.

"What advice did dad (or the person who gave you away) give you on your wedding day?"

My Answer

"Dad walked me from the dressing room to the door of the sanctuary. He stopped, looked at me with tears and said: “Deb, if you don’t want to do this you do not have to. You and I can go back to the house and your mother will handle everything.” I smiled, gave Dad a kiss on the check and let him know I was okay. I love you Dad. "

  • Paper: Jenni Bowlin's Foundation from Debby's Dream Studio; Making Memories, Prima, Core'dination
  • Ribbon: Making Memories
  • Sickers: Jenni Bowlin
  • Flowers: Kaiser Crafts
  • Button, Clock, Flower strip: Making Memories
  • Watercolor Pencils: Mondeluz 24
  • Stickles: Distress Stickles, Ranger Inks, Antique Linen
  • Tools: Fiskars Rotary Trimmer; Fiskars Micro-Tip Scissors

I want to thank Michelle for her diligence. She has never missed a deadline. Send me the snail mail addy Michelle. Congratulations and thank you!

I saw that AngieS was working on her's again this week and got a couple of the questions done. You should really see her digi self! Leave her a comment for some encouragement!

I also went to ShellyK's blog to see her All About You in 52. She is amazing! Her work is off the charts. You will be inspired. Head over to her blog and the All About You in 52 links are on the right side column. Leave a few comments and encourage her!

You are invited to take my poll in the column to the right. Just for fun.

Thank to Jen Diaz and her Oh, Scrap Team including Cheryl Sheryl for making me welcome and joining in on the fun. Jen has a lot of new products coming in all the time. I'm impressed with all that she carries, including some really cool gifts and products for brides, mommy's-to-be and new mommy's. Check her website and blog. (shhhhh, secret....she ships!!!!)

Quick Update....Melody Ross has always been one of my scrapbooking heros. Here is some news I found today:

Melody Ross Is our [gcd studios] new product designer!!!You might know Melody because she is the founder of Chatter Box! Which means... she is a Founder of Scrapbooking (being that Chatter Box was one of the first manufactures in scrapbook land). This gal is filled with tons of amazing ideas and a sense of gorgeous style! She her new paperlines at gcd studios.

Gratitude List:
1. Jen Diaz and the gang at Oh, Scrap
2. Jimmy's understanding
3. peace in the midst of Life
4. my family for putting up with me right now
5. God's "chisel"


  1. Debby i should be thanking you. .. I have a wonderful book about me.

    This is going to be a hard question for me trying to remember what advice was given to me on my wedding day. . . that was awhile ago.

  2. I don't think my dad gave me much advise on my wedding day. He did nag me all day about eating something.

  3. I have my page done . . . I am sending you a pm

  4. your story is so warming i love your story from AC Moore

  5. I think this will be my 1st week of All About Me. I have to get the photo printed.

    Thanks for the invite from AC Moore

  6. Anonymous5:38 PM

    I'm slowly catching up.. Got 38 and 39 uploaded...,Thanks for the awesome questions Debby, at least I know how to scrapbook my pictures


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