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Fall begets Winter which is a magical time for me. I love the whole air of the celebration of Christmas. If you are making gifts or creating home decor now is the time. Debby's Dare Demo is a Christmas wall plaque project. Several techniques and ideas.

If you learned something post a comment! If you like the project post a comment! Just leave a comment. LOL

Debby's Dream Studio is adding products all the time. Coming very very soon is our third Foundation from Jenni Bowlin and Maya Road. It rocks! I will also be adding a fun Mommy and Me Craft this week. Sign up for my newsletter for a special money saving coupon coming out by the end of the week.

Speaking of Mommy and Me have you seen Sudie's new adventure? It's called Jump Craft. It is a craft site for children's crafts of all ages. It is exciting!

Last word. May 16 I hosted a Fiskateer of the Year crop in Greenville, South Carolina and had a total blast. This past weekend I hosted another Fiskateer Crop in Columbia, South Carolina. Behind my back and in utmost secrecy the attendees from both these crops create a quilt as a birthday gift for me. I was totally and completely surprised when Sudie had everyone sing Happy Birthday and Shannon presented me with my special quilt. It is so awesome and very soft. I slept with it last night and it was nice reading all the kind messages and to see the different squares that were made by Fiskateers. Thank you all so much for the outstanding gift.

Gratitude List
1. Fiskie Friends
2. Debby's Dream Studio as an outlet for me to share my passions
3. Prayer
4. Grace
5. God's protective hand on my life


  1. Your wall hanging is really cute!

  2. fun wall hanging!!

  3. Cute wall hanging! Love your quilt too.

  4. Debby, very cute wall hangings..what is the acrylic you used?

    I saw the video Mary took of you receiving your quilt... very beautiful, both you and the quilt!

  5. oh wow! they're so pretty! what a beautiful quilt. awesome.

  6. Cute hanging!!

    The quilt is beautiful!

  7. I LOVE Christmas Too!! This is a really pretty plaque.

  8. Awesome wall hanging, love the quilt.

  9. this makes me excited for the holidays! great wall hanging!

  10. Very cute wall hanging thanks for sharing. . .

  11. Comment! Hey! You're things are always beautiful, so no surprise there! Great job!

  12. Beautiful project - love that bird!!!
    Glad the quilt turned out so great for you! Thanks Shannon for putting it together!! Love you guys!!!
    Jenn J

  13. Great projects! You are probably making it look a lot easier than it is, but I am looking forward to trying to do one myself.


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