Intorducing Debby's Dream Studio Guest Designer

This wonderful friend of mine has become Debby's Dream Studio's first guest designer. Sudie Alexander, owner of unKit is full of inspiration. I asked Sudie "what do you do?"

"When asked the dreaded "what do you do?" question, Sudie Alexander has a myriad of answers.

Starter of creative Sparks. Creative crusader. Passionate true blue simple scrapbooker. Published designer, writer, instructor, scrapbooker. Certified Fiskars demonstrator. Certified Fiskars trainer. Featured Artist of the month. Charleston County, May 2007 Ambassador of Crafting Fun.

Usually she just answers, "I'm a mom. Best job in the world."

Sudie share the two that calls her Mom in her family mini-book made using Debby's Dream Studio's Foundations. They are dolls I tell you!

Would you like to be considered for a guest for Debby's Dream Team. Below are the requirements, how to submit, and my whole part of it all. If you have questions send an email.

Guest Dream Team Member

Every month we would like to feature two Guest Dream Team members. The purpose is to get a different prospective of creativity on Foundations and/or Mommy and Me Crafts.

Requirements as a Guest Dream Team Member
1. Submit project(s) in a timely manner. Often you will have a short amount of time to complete your project.
2. Submit your project via email. Quality of the photo/scan is of utmost importance.
3. Only use what is given you in your package with the exception of adhesive or inks.
4. Submit direction to your project at the same time you submit your project.

1. As a new online store we offer you the products you will use. We are offering the best and newest of products.
2. As a guest if you are published either in an online magazine, paper magazine or significant website and they mention Debby's Dream Studio you will be compensated monetarily. We reserve the right to make the determination of "significant."
3. Your work will appear on Debby's Dream Studio, in the Gallery of Debby's Dream Studio and on the store site itself.
To Be Considered for the Dream Team...the CALL
Submit the following:
1. One 12 x 12 Layout
2. One mini book, any style
3. A Mommy and Me craft, which consists of creating a project (any) that an adult and child can do using the same products.
4. One card (one that either an adult or a child could craft)
You can use any product. We will be looking for a variety of styles. Along with your projects submitted add a short bio both about you and your creative experience (professional and non-professional).

If you have a blog or a gallery you can post there, clearly mark the projects for "Debby's Dream Studio 'Dream Team Call'" and leave a comment on today Blog Post.

Guest Designers for the next 4 months will be contacted by October 7th.
Debby's Dare Demo will be up by Friday late or Saturday after. I'm cooking up a cool demo. Don't forget to work on your All About You in 52 for Monday. I'm excited that I'm going to a crop Saturday and I will be able to get mine completed before Monday morning. LOL

There is BIG news in our household I'll be sharing soon. Need a few photos to go watch.

Gratitude List:
1. Life
2. Loving family
3. God's Grace...I know I say that a lot, but it is the most important and cherished for me.
4. Changes in teh road of life
5. Smiling Laughter Cheer Celebration of all that is around me. I love it God!


  1. Thank you, Debby, for this wonderful opportunity.
    Your kit was so much fun to create with. The book just flew together. I am most enjoying the Binderie that you gave me. LOVE it! But my favorite favorite thing is that stamp set. Enjoyed working with you. Blessings, Sudie

  2. oooooooooooooooooo very very cool. this is awesome. i need to take my binderie out of the package lol!!!


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