It's Not Over Until....

Sudie sings! She told me she would sing a Happy Birthday song on video for me. Too much fun around here.

Me about 13 years ago. Seems like yesterday.
My husband and I were talking at lunch about a what occured in a half a century.
  • Black and white television
  • Koda-chrome
  • The Beatles
  • Laugh-In
  • Hippies
  • girls did not wear pants, much less jeans
  • men were gentlemen and ladies were ladies
  • no computers, cell phones, satellite tv or cable
  • no SUVs
  • we did have running water....LOL
  • only 4 hours a week of cartoons came on television
  • if you wanted to change one of the three channels you got up and switch the channels with a dial
  • Peace, Cool, Righteous, Yea Man
  • A new language with Smokey and the Bear
  • The Tammy movies
  • Elvis will always rule
  • Space flight
  • Vietnam was the first war we remember, other than the constant fear of the cold war
  • bomb shelters, videos on the possibility of a nuclear attack
  • pay phones
  • if someone went on a trip you heard from them via postcard
  • family was more central
  • God was the center of our family and our lives
  • Polyester (good grief I still freak out)
  • Alaska and Hawaii became states the year I was born.
  • and Eisenhower was president................

The winner of the 3rd Gift-away is #3 per! Send me your snail mail with "GRUNGY FRAGMENTS" in the subject line. Congratulations ...

Tona said...
This is fun! I already get your newsletter, I'm a follower but can't tell if I just became one or if I was already was one lol.

Gift-Away #4..I'm loving my Tim Holtz Party Theme tonight! Do you think he knows he's a theme of a Birthday Party? Too funny. We are going to kick this party into full swing. Leave a comment about "who was president when you were born" and I'll draw a winner sometime in the next several hours or when I wake up in the night, which ever comes first. LOL I will say this we have not hit the grand finale. So this may run into tomorrow morning! Very cool. Remember to bring a few friends with you to the party. Parties are always more fun with friends.

Tim Holtz {Components} stamps (ATC size)

Distress Inks

Plain Grungeboard...great for die cutting and more!


A wonderful day!


  1. Well... Birth Year President would be Eisenhower .. Happy Birthday Debby

  2. The president n 1971 was Richard Nixon....maybe ...I'm not sure.....I'll be sending my friends over...what a great party

  3. Ronald Reagan was the president of United States! and Zail Singh was the president of India when I was born! 1981 August!

    Oh I would so love to win this one....Debby Please pick me this time:D


  4. Way to go Tona!!! Well when I was born I have to say that Richard Nixon was president.

  5. lol...that's the year I was born...sorry for posting twice

  6. Correction!

    Indian President in 1981-Neelam Sanjiva Reddy

    Glad I learnt something..

  7. Debby I am having fun at your birthday party. I believe that Lyndon B. Johnson was president when I was born.

  8. Happy Birthday Debby!! Nixon was the president when I was born in least that what google said...:>)!!! Enjoy your day to the fullest.

  9. the president when I was born was Lyndon B Johnson, but since I was born at the end of the year Richard M. Nixon was just elected at the next president. That makes me feel old even though I am only 26 (or at least that is how old I feel) :)

    Dwight D Eisenhower

  11. Debby I have loved being at your birthday party it has been wonderful to look at all your priceless birthday pictures. . .

    Okay here is a small quote From President D. Eisenhower (1953-1961).

    History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.

    Have a wonderful night and I say celebrate all month!

  12. Happy Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing your joy!!!

    :) I was a Ronald Reagan BABY! So I'm little!!!

    Fiskateer #6361

  13. I so hope this is my lucky number this time and hope your day was wonderful!!

  14. A Timmy Party!!! Yay!

    Carter was in office when I came to be. Every nurse in the maternity ward thought Mom named me after his daughter.. No, not really..

  15. Eisenhower was president when I was born. By the looks of your list, we're the same age :)I forgot to mention before but I'm a follower & a subscriber of your blog. I love making ATC's and what you're offering is great. Enjoy the rest of your birthday!

  16. Happy Birthday!!!
    The president when I was born (October 2, 1979) was Jimmy Carter, LOL.

  17. Geez.. I think it was Eisenhower officially but Kennedy was elected that year!

  18. Ford was in office when I was born.

  19. Thanks again, debby!
    Dwight David Eisenhower was president the year I was born.

  20. Debby, you are just a year and a few days younger than me so the president when I was born was DDE! Loving your celebration, sending out FB invitations, having a great time viewing all your birthday photos! Thanks a bunch!
    FYI, I hope you love the big 50 year as much as I did! It was a blast and blessing to experience.
    Lesa #5200

  21. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Dwight David Eisenhower was president the year I was born.

    Joan Fiskateer #808

  22. It was Nixon for me. Hope you are having a great party! It's my bedtime though, so unfortunately I'll miss the rest, until tomorrow, I'll stop by and see if you're still going!!

    Holly #6089

  23. Anonymous1:43 AM

    George H. W. Bush. Hehe I'm younger than you thought!

    Hope you are having a lot of fun!

  24. What a fun Party ... hope you had a GREAT BIRTHDAY. President Eisenhower was there my year


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