Say, It's Your Birthday

Me at Birthday number 2

We are rockin' around here!

Winner of the Tim Holtz Stamps is number 18. Send me your snail mail addy with the subject line I WON THE STAMPS!!

Regina said...
Hi! Rosalee invited me to the party and now that I'm here it can begin. Flowergirl


Okay it's time for gift-away number 3. Of course it is going to be in my favorite artist line of products. Wanna' guess??? Yep, Tim Holtz! How about some Grungepaper and Fragment Tags! I will post some tutorials or links to tutorials if you are not quite sure how to use these. BUT I LOVE THEM. I can't have enough of either one.

The Party is starting to Rock and the cool of the day is just starting. Let's do it up right. Sign up for my newsletter (top right), if you have signed up for the newsletter "follow" Debby's Dare blog, if you are already doing both go out and post about the party anywhere and let me know where you commented.

I'm getting crazy....use either coupon codes SASSY or BDAY to order your Glitz Foundation at Debby's Dream Studio to pick up an extra 15% off you Foundation.

Music that makes you smile


  1. Woo Hoo Deb!! Love all the birthday goodies!! Hope your day is Rockin' as well!!!

  2. Hmm..I am sad :( I loved those stamps! But hey what the heck..I am gonna keep trying..I am having fun..I hope you are having a good day DeBbY! I posted on Fiskateers Message Board!

    ViJi #5858

  3. This is fun! I already get your newsletter, I'm a follower but can't tell if I just became one or if I was already was one lol.

  4. I'm already a follower on google reader but I send a retweet about the prizes

  5. hope your having a great day.

  6. Happy Birthday!!!

    Wow, LOVE Tim Holtz. I became a follower and signed up for your newsletter.

    Thanks for being generous on your B-DAY!!

  7. Have a great day!! Thanks for the chance for some awesome goodies, I LOVE Tim Holtz!! I was already a follower but didn't know about the newsletter, so I am officially signed up.
    Holly #6089

  8. Hi, Debbie! I already follow and receive the newsletter. Funny, I was just in Michael's and a lady was trying to find some Tim Holtz stuff that they didn't have. I overheard and told her about your celebration and how she needed to check out your blog (wrote the URL down for her) to try and win. I forgot to get her name but hope she finds you, LOL!

  9. Happy Rockin Birthday Girl... You Say It's Your Birthday ... Happy Birthday To YA....

    I'm a follower and a newsletter recipient. Karin #6470

  10. Anonymous7:34 PM

    I'am a follower and I already receive youre news letter.

    Joan Fiskateer #808

  11. Regina7:46 PM

    Wow I won! This is my first win and I am so excited. Thank you so much.

  12. This is so much fun. Hope you are having a super ROCKIN birthday!!!! I would LOVE to try some grungeboard. I have seen it but never experienced with it before of course than I might be hooked and have another item to buy!!! I follow your newsletter already to.

  13. This party is rockin' I'm having so much fun. I'v never tried grungeboard, so it would be wonderful to try. I'm off to follow your newsletter now.

  14. What a fun way to celebrate. since I am already a follower and receive your newsletter, I posted a note on my facebook page. Happy Birthday

  15. cool....grungeboard...never had any...

  16. you are having wAAYYY to much fun! I wish I had birthday pictures of my and my twin sister when we were 2 & already a follower of the blog and @ fb so u already know! I may copy this idea next year, it was fun!

    Kate B (F#4529) :) hugs

  17. Anonymous9:26 PM

    hey Deb...happy bday to you! yer just a kid *wink*...luv giveaways tho I am not so lucky...have fun! cher #5859

  18. I signed up and I'm following now.
    Love fragments!!
    Hope your special day has been great so far!

  19. OO I have never tried the Grundge board be fore.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY I going to go post at face book

  20. Hi Debby, I thought I was a follower but apparently I was wrong...but now I am. Keep having a Rocking B-day!!

  21. Hope you're having lots of fun today!


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