Debby's Dare Demos Boo Project

I have had a exciting time doing this project. It was easy and turned out cute cute cute!

If you like DDD project this week leave a comment! I love hearing from you.

Winner from the Lisa Falutuo Blog drawing is Doverdi! Congrats. Send your snail mail to my email! Hey, I won over at Lisa's. Not rigged. I promise!
October is the month of orange, green, black and PINK. I was to host a Scrap Pink crop this Saturday. Due to the wedding and all that it entails I sadly had to bow out. So we are going to take the month and see if we can raise a few funds for the Cause!

Early detection of Breast Cancer and save lives. Research can find causes, help with genetic mapping for those who are family members of women who have / had breast cancer. Pink reminds me of all the women who have battled breast cancer and won and those who did not.

I hope to share with you many good things that are being done with funds raised locally and nationally on behalf of "Fighting Like a Girl."

My wonderful daughter Tabitha Lewis is participating in First Lady's Walk for Life this Saturday:

More than 3,200 women and men in South Carolina will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. With your participation in Palmetto Health Foundation’s Walk for Life, you will help increase awareness, education, patient and family support and research conducted by the Palmetto Health Cancer Centers.

***All giveaways are closed.***
See Tabitha's web page and there you can donate to the Walk for Life. Everyone that donates will receive a set of Cloud Nine Rain Dots from Debby's Dare. Pink or Hearts!

I will be having Scrap Pink Dares throughout the month of October, be watching.

Gratitude List
1. Pastor Dave
2. Grace
3. Skit Guys encouragement
4. Aunt Pat, breast cancer survivor
5. God's strength in the worst of battles


  1. A very cool looking tree!!!

  2. Congrats to you Debby and to DoverDi! Great, spooky tree.

  3. Wonderful tree and I adore those scissors. I posted about thinking pink today too. :) Have a great weekend!

  4. That tree is great & can easily be done for other holidays & special occassions.
    Congrats to Doverdi & to you Debby for winning on Lisa's blog.

  5. oh so cute and so inventive!! it looks like a lot of work. i love the craft items you do and hope you do more 3d. would love to see some containers, what to do with left over boxes and packages and such. thanks for everything, you are on my gratitude list.

  6. Your tree is BOO-ti-ful and looks like a craft I HAVE to make !! LOVE IT!!


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