I Feels Like Christmas At My House Tonight

Really, check it out...

Debby's Dream Studio has lots of new products that have been added over the past few days and I will be spending the day adding more. I am not a computer genius but I have had to learn on my own how to become an IT person in order to make my website do things “they” told me it could not do. It is not easy. One place I would highly recommend is w3schools. They have been a blessing to me in teaching me how to make html work. AWESOME!

DDS is looking for gallery submissions and sketches.  You can submit your projects at debby@debbysdreamstudio.com

Enjoy Debby’s Dream Studio!

Gratitude List
my very breath
God’s Word
reminders all around me of His presence in my life
His Peace


  1. OH! I love all the stuff from tattered angels. I was just looking them up on the internet. I HAVE TO HAVE one of those pink craft mats!! And the stamps.......!!! Those are to die for. LOL droooooolllllllllllllllll

    Fiskateer #6215


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