Monday, November 09, 2009

Wrapping Halloween

I had a great time using my 7Gypsies Binderie (Debby’s Dream Studio...20% off) to make a mini-book about several years of Halloween. What is unique to me is that is actually turned out okay! Those who know me or have been hanging out here know I struggle with mini-books. This was great fun.

I used the Binderie and the Starter Kit that comes with it as my base. I went with black cardstock for my center. Hey, it’s Halloween! I have three sections representing three years. For each section I actually cut one sheet 5” by 10 ¾” I used my Fiskars Border punch to one end of the long sheet. I scored so that the page folded in half at 5 inches. I cut one page 5” x 5” for the insert page. Each section then had 6 pages.

The advantage of doing the book this way was I could easily work on each section with it’s own unique look. AND the side of the book looked smooth with the three different folds. The Binderie actually made it easy to get each section to match perfectly. You can see the book as it is open is even across the bottom. Now this may not be new to you, but it made doing this mini-book fun! I hope you enjoy.


ALL ABOUT YOU in 52 WILL BE UP TOMORROW. I’ve had a big project that will be completed this evening late and I’ll be free again. Tomorrow, Tuesday, involves you too. Make sure to come back and see what’s up!

See the links above for the BIG GiveAway and for information concerning 2010 Dare Ya! Homemade Families.

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Gratitude List:
1.  love that I don't understand
2.  discipline and instruction that makes me all that God desires
3.  a very cool daughter-in-law
4.  God's delight in my enjoyment in life
5.  all the people God has brought into my life

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