All About You in 52, Week 52

I’m wrapped up in my Snuggie trying to get toasty. The day is starting out chilly.

All About You in 52, Week 52. It’s the last question. To be honest I didn’t want to finish. I have so many stories to tell, things to express, and photos to scrap. I hope that I’ll keep up with the idea for myself.

The last question in my Grandmother’s book to me was “What advice do you have for me?” I think we’ve covered that question, but it made me think about what lessons, wishes, prayers, hopes and dreams do I want for my children and their children.

I created a very simple layout with my words being the focus. This is for my children and my grandchildren. I love you guys so much.

Question 52

What is your wish/prayer for those to whom will read your “All About You” Book?

My Answer

My Journaling
I pray for you so much in life, but not what you think.

I don’t pray for you wealth. I pray that you learn balance in your finances. I pray that you learn moderation in your living. I pray that you know how to use your money to create a beautiful beginning for your children and grandchildren. I pray you always realize that no matter how hard it might be for you, other’s needs are important and are your responsibility in this life.

I don’t pray for you a life without struggle. Struggle builds character. It melts away the doubts of what you think you can do. Struggle brings creativity. It stretches your mind and resources. I pray the struggle makes you rely on your family and teaches you to reach out to friends for encouragement, prayer and support.

I don’t pray for you the perfect career. I pray that you follow God’s will in your life. Throughout your life it may take you from being the carpenter to being a minister to those around you.

I don’t pray for you happiness. I pray that you recognize true moments of happiness. I pray that you are able to create a godly meaning of happiness for yourself and for your family. I pray that the tears you shed teach you that happiness is to be cherished and appreciated.

I don’t pray for you many friends. I pray that God brings friendships into your life that mentor you and that you can give to. I pray for you friends that are willing to struggle with you in finding a true and honest relationship with God. I pray for you friends who are willing to tell you the tough stuff and will kneel with you in prayer.

I don’t pray for you the perfect and easy relationship with God. I pray that your always fight for your relationship with God. I pray that in the fight you will find yourself in the eyes of God. I pray that you know God’s unconditional, never-ending grace, faith, love and hope. I pray that you know that God alone is beginning and end of your very breath.

I don’t pray for you to be beautiful or handsome. I pray that at the end of your life you find yourself wrinkled, gray haired, age spotted and tired. I pray that when other’s look at your worn body that they find Christ in you. I pray that your children and their children call you blessed. I pray when the day comes that God will reach His hand out to you and say “Well done, thou good an faithful servant.”

Patter Paper: Making Memories, Graphic 45
Embellishments: Making Memories and Webster’s Pages Cameos.
Thanks to PSE 7 I was able to create a 12-inch journaling page
Fiskars Rotary Trimmer, Tim Holtz Tiny Fastener

All that completed their books are winners. Everyone that did at least one page ventured into what most people dislike doing. I wanted express myself and to leave something in writing about me. I’m thankful I was able to meet that goal. Thank you for joining me for the 2009 Dare Ya! I will have one more post next Monday to wrap up everyone’s All About You in 52. Next Tuesday we start 52 Weeks of Homemade Families. Join me.

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Gratitude List
1. Surviving the holidays
2. anticipation of friends visiting
3. closer to having the studio back in shape
4. coffee
5. energy that only comes from a creative God


  1. absolutely wonderful journaling Debby! So many great words of wisdom in there.

  2. Can I just use yours it is perfect!

  3. absolutly wonderful journeling Debby,. that is a great prayer ,and we also hope our children will take good care of our,2009 year book, it is so special to me, I love to go and look back of the time we started

  4. Thanks Debby, for all the weekly prods to make a book about me. I haven't done all the pages...yet, but I have all the questions in my journal so I can finish them. Thanks for your time, and talent.
    Happy New Year. I hope it's a great one.

  5. Thanks Debby , without your help ,I could not have done it, just finished my last page, here is the link TFL, I enjoyed it very much , and with out those questions, my album would not be this far,
    I hope you have a Happy New Year, Mariah #2457

  6. Hey Debby, why don't you still post questions, ,to help us get our pictures onto a LO, for those who want to, we don't need a RAK for everything we do, you could post them on your new blog, Just a thought,... Mariah #2457

  7. Found your '52' challenge a bit late. I was wondering if you had a list of all the questions asked throughout the year? I would really like to do this, also!

  8. Okay I can not believe we are to the end. Thank you so much for making this album possible it would have never happened with out you! You are a blessing!

    My last two pages I did a cover and week 52. I still wanted to use your journaling but that would have been wrong!

  9. thanks so much for a wonderful year - I did get caught up and finished. I can't believe that the year is over. All of my lo are on the fiskateer site -

    actually I think I've learned a lot about myself through the process. thanks for the memories!


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