Dare 2 Dream

Our official opening date is January 1st 2010. But we are going to "Bling in the New Year" Thursday starting at 10 pm EST. For 2 hours we will have a live chat to bring in the New Year. I will be posting a DARE today so you can be ready for Thursday's party. It is a drop in party; the only real rule is that if you win some "Bling" you must be present at the time.

Dare 2 Dream is a new community that I created to bring it all together. There you will be able to post your layouts, art, photos and videos to share. If you are participating in a Dare you can post your response there. You will have your own page that you can leave as is or create a different background for yourself. There is a discussion board where you can share information, ask questions and have fun. There is a feed into Debby's Dare and Debby's Dream Studio's specials will be post there 1st. We have Blog Radio, ustream live (live tv) and Debby's Youtube video channel.

For me, having a live chat on the main page (hidden until I make it live) only requires that you sign in on your regular Dare 2 Dream login and then you are set. I already have some fun guests coming to "chat" with us during 2010.

I encourage you to join. Don't overwhelm yourself by trying to do everything at once, but take your time, visit often, upload your projects. Enjoy friends. Yes, you can even invite your friend. If you already have a "ning" account your login is the same!

2010 Word and Goals
I’m still working on my “project” to share with my goals and word for 2010. I had a wonderful friend come spend the day with me yesterday. She nearly completed an entire album. I nearly lost my voice talking. LOL It was nice to have a day like that. All that to say …. Oops I did not complete my project. I have to finish it today!

New Stuff on Debby's Dare
There are some new additions to Debby’s Dare. Debby’s Dream Studio certainly would love to carry every cool and new scrapbook product out there. We are still new and working hard. In the meantime I want to give you the opportunity to see and purchase some of my favorite products.

To the right I’ve added three blocks…Amazon.com; Electric Paperie; A Cherry on Top; and I have one more company you are going to die for when I get everything worked out. When you click on these links it will take you products I totally love as in the case of A Cherry on Top and Amazon.com or the entire store as in Electric Paperie. EP is where you can pick up a lot of Tim Holtz, Wendy Vecchi stamps and Ranger products. They have some amazing products. I will be updating the recommended products weekly.  (Disclosure: these are “share-a-sale” links, but who and what I post on my affiliate programs offers will always be what I personally recommend!)

What are Family Stockings for Christmas ended up looking like this year...

Gratitude List
1. for a wonderful year
2. wonderful friends
3. wonderful time with the best art, scrapbooking
4. new family, Vanessa
5. God’s protection and love that never failed me in 2009