Debby's Dare Demo, Two Days in a Row?!

I could not resist doing another Debby’s Dare Demo. I wanted to show you another problem I address with post-bound albums.

I’m excited that the foam spacers helped everyone. By the way, the foam I purchased is Acid Free.

There are certainly albums that come ready made to expand up to 6 inches. Many albums will have the capacity to expand, but the spine of the album is not wide enough. I found that most frustration. I check my albums before purchasing them, but many of the “cute” albums are sealed. Like any good scrapbooker, I’m not passing up “cute.”

For the basic spine you will need

I hope this gives you a few ideas on how you can expand your albums. Even if you are not a bulky scrapper like me, this gives you the option to expand your album instead of buying a new one just for 5 or 6 more pages.

Here's what I ended up with my album spine.

Let me know if this helped.
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Tomorrow night on Facebook Debby’s Dream Studio Fan page is hosting a Christmas “sing-a-long.” No you don’t have to sing to us, but you will get to type your song! There will be trivia questions, name that tune, etc. along with some gift-aways. The sing-a-long starts at 6 pm EST and end at 10 pm EST. Come and go and come again. If you are not a member of Facebook, this might just be the time to join. Oh, bring your hot chocolate, eggnog, coffee, or sweet cider. Let’s relax for a few and enjoy the season.

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I love it that crafters are taking advantage of the “Make it your own Sale, Sale! Three new items will be drastically reduced today. Make sure to see Debby’s Dream Studio to make a few of your scrappy “dreams” come true.

Okay, so I'm addicted to melt bees’ wax. Practice, practice practice! LOL This is a photo of one of the nativity scene we have set up for Christmas.

Gratitude List
1. sunshine today
2. learning, always learning
3. laughter of my son
4. friends to lean on
5. God’s love that see my potential


  1. That is just stunning Debby!

  2. Beautiful.

    Thanks for the demo on increasing the spine. Kudos for that.


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