I am so in the middle of a 2010 Facelift for Debby's Dare. "Excuse our mess."

Run down of happenings.

First, please leave a comment and let me know pro or con about the new banner!

52 Weeks of Homemade Families. It's time to register! We are all ready beginning to gear up for 2010. Do you want to know more? If you have told me that you want to participate, but you have not heard from me please send me an email at DebbysDare@gmail.com  ASAP. If you let me know in a comment I would not have the information to respond. {Although blogger often requires an email for comments, I do not have access to that information.} It could be that your spam controls have kept me from getting our Homemade Families Newsletter through to you. Please take a second and pop me an email.

Debby's Dream Studio is up to it ALL.

New Project.....by Patti and Alex Milazzo

Are You a Bottle Kap Kid?....

What a Sale! Jenni Bowlin for Free? OMgoodness.

See what's coming soon!

Have you found out about the BIG MYSTERY yet? I had given a clue that I had posted it on Debby's Dare. Let's narrow it down a bit. It is on the right hand side of the blog. Send me an email if you find out what the mystery is and I'll send you a little something. DebbysDare@gmail.com

Have you picked out your new word for the year? I've been tossing two or three around. The first year I picked a "word" is was trustworthy and second year it was faithful. Ali Edwards is the one who started me on this journey of "words." Honestly, at times my word has reminded me or guided me through my year. Think on one word that sets a goal for the upcoming year. I'll share my word next week before the New Year rings out the old.

Photos Gone Wrong!
I had to keep asking Jimmy to STOP the care to let me take pictures of the lights at Salude Park.  This was the fun result of a few of my photos.  LOL

Gratitude List
1. family all together
2. new camera
3. seeing my family that God has blessed me with
4. encouragement
5. in my world there was Peace on Earth


  1. Love the new banner! Fun and funky!

  2. The banner's great - and i love those pics!

  3. Tina S1:04 PM

    The new banner is so cool! I think it expresses your perky personality! But I still can't figure out the mystery...

  4. I like the new banner, but I loved the easter one of your grandaughter! Beautiful colors.
    Maybe you could use the crazy christmas light pix! Cool colors!

  5. I like the new banner. It helps that I am partial to pink.

  6. your new banner is awesome!!! i love it! i tried doing a facelift on my blog (now that christmas is over...i cant' keep my christmas look all year long! LOL) i'm not totally impressed...but i'm still brainstorming..and looking for ideas. again great job with what you've done so far!!! :)

  7. Looks like you're digi playing!! LOVE the banner

  8. The new banner is awesome!!!!

  9. I'm in the minority here--sorry!
    That's ok though--I'm usually in the minority about a lot of things!! :)


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