Must be Santa!!

The Christmas elves have been busy wrapping presents around the house.

Crafty Santa is hard at work making good little boys and girls crafty gifts.

One Craft Box for my Granddaughter
The necklace is detachable.

Another Ganddaughter's Craft Box

Charm bracelet for one granddaughter.
Fragment tags make great charms.
The little sample tags on the outside of the grungeboard package easily makes some fun charms.

Bailey, I'm telling Santa on You!

Note to Mom....
Jacob has a girlfriend

Today is last minute get it all done day.

Things to remember and think about.

52 Weeks of Homemade Families. Check the link and send an email to if you would like to join us for the 2010 DARE Ya!

That wonderful make it your own sale sale at Debby’s Dream Studio is coming close to the end. I dare ya to check out the site, especially dig under the category of Foundations.

3rd day Widget winner is LadyDoc and #1Aunt!
Congratulations! Email your snail mail to me.

Casey commented about the possiblity of something happening, going on.  Right now there is an explosion of things going here, Debby's Dream Studio and more.  I was looking around the blog yesterday after the comment and you know one of the big new things "happening" with Debby Dare is posted right on this blog.  Only a hand full of people know about it.  I wonder....can you find it?  hmmmmm

Last chance Prima Bling: How about a Debby’s Dare widget giveaway? Click on the part of the widget that reads “get widget.” It will give you a code that you can put on you site. There will not be any advertising that pops up out of nowhere. (I really dislike that.)

Giveaway? I will randomly draw several winners for some Prima Bling. A girl needs to “bling” in the New Year with a little sparkle! Leave a comment letting me know where the widget went. If you have nowhere to leave a widget then bring 3 friends (3 for each day's giveaway) over to say hello and make sure they leave your name. Happy Bling Year!

Gratitude List
1. my family who loves to wrap presents
2. inspiration
3. cold but manageable weather
4. Sudie
5. God’s Grace for all my wants and need


  1. Anonymous9:47 AM

    I love the picture of Baily.He is looking at you with those innocent eyes and saying what did i do wrong ma.I didn't do this honestly,I just found it this way.

    Joan fiskateer # 808

  2. You made some wonderful gifts. That charm bracelet is fantastic.

  3. Hey Debby, I love seeing the 'santa's working all around your table! That's a family that plays together! I just wanted to drop by and wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Thanks for sharing you life with us!

  4. Hey I actually figured out how to capture your widget! Imagine my surprise!

  5. I can't believe I am a winner! Thank you so much Debby!

    The #1Aunt thing is a name from my oldest niece that has turned into my screen name on many other sites. Since I am only using my first name on the Fiskateer site, I now have my signature with everything included! Since the pathetic little blog I have has the number1aunt in the name, I thought I would keep it in my signature. Not that all of this matters, but I thought some of you may like to know why it is included in my signature on everyone's blog.

    Thank you again Debby! I think you have my snail mail address since I am registered to be in the 52 Weeks of Homemade Families.

  6. I also wanted to leave you a message telling you what a great job you are doing of blogging until the end of the year! Keep up the good work!


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