We Had a Grand Time!

I enjoyed myself last night at Debby's Dream Studio Christmas Sing-a-long. Besides all those that attended and sang themselves horse our "star" of the night was Core'dinations. Core'dations kindly gifted-away two of their collections. Vintage and Black Magic. I love both and have both in my personal stash!

I used Core'dinations here to show you a quick and easy way to make a last minute Christmas card or that after Christmas "thank you" note.

If you have followed me here you know I drag my feet when it comes to making cards. I needed to make some "thank you" cards last week and wanted something "crafty" but nice. In making my cards I realize one of my problems with making crafty cards is I just know many people will end up tossing the card. For me that is sad because I put a little bit of me in everything I do. So I came up with a solution: the "Pay It Forward" card. FYI:  if you send me a homemade card I KEEP them. 

Elegant and simple, but made in a way that the recipients could use it for a card to send to someone else. Now I don't feel so bad! I make the outside of the card just like I demo in the slide show.

Core'dinations Vintage
Cuttlebug Embossing Folders
Fiskars Rotary Trimmer with score blade
Perfect Pearls
StazOn Jet Black

Same idea but with the Black Magic collection. Awesome magic when I run it through the Cuttlebug.

Core'dinations Vintage
Cuttlebug Embossing Folders
Fiskars Rotary Trimmer with score blade
Perfect Pearls
Adirondack Lights, Snow Cap

The inside of the card is made so you can pull out the personal message and add your own personal message. You can then "Pay It Forward."

Just an idea I wanted to share! Thanks for letting.

Debby's Dream Studio offers Core'dination Cardstock in different styles. With your coupon code (top right hand of the blog) you can really get a deal!

FAQ Homemade Familes

Thanks for the questions. I thought I'd share the questions and answers here so everyone can have the information.

I don't do scrapbooking. I have always wanted to make a recipe book type scrap thing though. I have learned a lot about you through being a Fiskateer and you are one amazingly awesome woman. So I am thinking about trying Debby's Dare.
Thanks, I'm all for you joining in!

Question: What happens when I go away on a trip as I so often do ....
If you go on a trip and miss one week, then we cover you with scrapbook adhesive and roll you in feathers! You can skip it, make it up, or I've had some secretly email me and I gave them several weeks in advance when someone was going out of country. It's YOUR Dare and you work at your pace.  In order to be eligible for the giveaways you must complete at least one DARE Ya! and post a comment during that time period.

Question: How demanding is it doing Debby's Dare?
I think the hardest part is knowing you need to do this one thing each week. Those who participated this year in 2009 Dare Ya! will tell you if you get it done early in the week while it is fresh it is much easier. That, I guess, is a rule for all things we do.

Question: What craft level should one be to participate? I am an experienced card maker and alter items but never did a scrapbook. Once I did a mini album.
Skill Level: beginner, intermediate and advance. The interpretations of the prompts are up to you. We are having guests from photography, scrapbooking, cooking etc.that will help us along our journey. You can always give me a heads up to help that might be needed.

Gratitude List
1. being able to enjoy time with friends
2. the contiguous nature of laughter
3. good friends
4. God's protection on E
5. God's love and forgiveness I take for granted too often


  1. I love the idea of paying a card forward. How ingenious is that!!! I like that you have challenged yourself to blog everyday through the end of the year. Good luck

  2. Great job with the Core'dinations!

  3. Good job on your blogging record!

    I love the Core'dinations paper with my Cuttlebug - they just work so well together!

    Also, I am getting excited about starting your 2010 dare! I have gathered a few things I thought might work well with it.

    Thanks for all of your posting!


  4. ooooooooo very cool. love it.

  5. just love how you worked that Core!

  6. a beautiful card. Thanks.

    I had so much fun last night. but I am plum tuckered out today.


  7. I had so much fun at the sing-a-long. I did get a little "lost" trying to keep up with the different activities and refreshing so often but it was FUN!! Thanks for the good times!


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