So It All Comes Together

Since before Thanksgiving I've been working on crafts either with scrapbooking, home decor, gifts, jewelry, etc. I've been learning new and exciting techniques with Tim's Tags or Jessica's Holiday in Hand. We've had family over and we've seen the light of Saluda Shoals. We've planned, cooked, wrapped and cleaned. I've taken a photo a day and seen Santa Clause. I've watch "Here Comes Santa Clause" and "Frosty the Snowman." We've compared our memories of Christmas's past. Now, in this time I'm writing this blog post I understand the mandate of "be still and know."

I tried to plan a post for you to express my personal belief concerning Christmas. I did a slide show, a video, a craft or two. But there has been a song that won't leave my heart that I think tells it better than anything I can share with you.

Mark Lowry and Buddy Greene wrote “Mary Did You Know”. I've been familiar with Mark's ministry from his public beginnings. I've watched him grow from the comic to a person with a significant relationship with God through his music. A lot of people have heard Donnie Osmond sing this song, and my personal favorite, Kenny Rogers and Wynonna Judd. Mark's version has the heart and soul of a songwriter and a man of faith.

I hope that when you listen it sticks in your head like it has me this season!

Winner of the Prima bling is Jessica. Congratulations Jessica. Please send your snail mail to me. Thank you everyone for a fun "bling it on" week.

Gratitude List
1. Peppermint and chocolate
2. time with Jimmy
3. God's provision for our needs
4. a great friend that God has allowed his life to be a reflection of God
5. God's love shown so brightly in the gift of His Son.


  1. Tina S10:18 AM

    I love Mark Lowrey singing this song. You can hear his love for our Lord in every note. I agree that this is the perfect Christmas song. Thanks for reminding me. Merry Christmas!

  2. merry christmas my friend. my fav version of mary did you know is by wynona and kenny rodgers. goose bumps galore.


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