A Start Studded Christmas

Merry Christmas, well almost. It just feels like Christmas with a wonderful gift from our guest designer Patti Milazzo who created a Fancy Pants' Rough and Tough Christmas ornament for her son Alex. Awesome! I read the instructions for the 3-dimensional star and I’m going to have to make a Rough and Tough star from my tree. My 16 year old will be relived that I have a “real” guys ornament up! LOL

Thank you Patti for the inpiriation. Would you like to be inspired over and over again. You can find Patti at Crafting Life {my blog} 

Title: All Star Christmas Ornament
Designer: Patti Milazzo

Supply List:
Fancy Pants Rough & Tough: patterned paper – All Star, Get Dirty, Bolt
Rough & Tough Buttons
Other: white cardstock; Charcoal Chalk Ink by Clearsnap;

Fiskars Americas: Ultra ShapeXpress Tool;
Circle and Brackets & Journal Shape Templates;
¼” Circle Hand Punch;

Adhesive Foam Dots
Mini Glue Dots; Black 1/8” wide ribbon

Computer fonts: Tempus Sans ITC

Tips:To create the 3-dimensional stars, cut out the star shapes from patterned paper or cardstock. On the back of the star, score lines from each star tip to the center. Fold on the scored lines so that the arms of the star push out as you look at the front of the star. Then, on the front side of the star, score lines from the center the indented points between star tips. Now fold these scored lines so that they push in to create the 3-dimensional star.

You can order Fancy Pants Rough and Tough kit and other embellishments from Debby’s Dream Studio. You pick you own sale sale is going on right now!  From now through Friday we ship the next day!

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Gratitude List:
1. my family
2. Jimmy who is learning patience
3. surviving shopping
4. not having to wrap gifts
5. my Father’s protection on my daily happenings


  1. Patti's star is so cool. I just fell in love with that line of paper from Fancy Pants at the show. The Rough and Tough is perfect for the boys in your life.

    and check out that really cool blinkie! Love it.

  2. hi, I added ur widget to my blog. love the star will have to try it later. Thanks for sharing

  3. very cool ornament. love it. and can't wait to see your make over.

  4. Tina S11:51 AM

    OK...just a comment on your gratitude list today. Poor Jimmy! The patience lesson is HARD!

  5. Gorgeous Ornament I have a boy named Alex as well.


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